Is Asur 3 on cards? Director Oni Sen spills interesting beans [EXCLUSIVE]


Asur 2 has turned out to be a major success. Starring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka and many more – the series kept fans at the edge of their seats throughout. The story of Shubh left all intrigued. While the first season was a cliffhanger of sorts, the second season answered many questions. After the two most thrilling seasons, fans are now desperate to know if season three is on the cards or not. We got in touch with the director Oni Sen and he spilled the beans on Asur 3. Are makers planning to create yet another thrilling adventure for fans? Read on.

When asked if he has any insights to share on season 3, Oni Sen mentioned that season 3 won’t come into being just because the first two seasons were a hit. He was quoted saying, “The only insight I can share is that both Gaurav and I, we’ve discussed this and we’ve agreed upon the fact that just because one and two became successful and we enjoyed doing it, that doesn’t mean that three has to be done. That is not the compulsion. Because each of these takes about a couple of years of our lives and a lot of work that goes behind it. And so therefore, I think what we have decided is that we will do it once Gaurav gets an idea of how and what the take of Asur 3 could be. And if it’s a fantastic idea, he will reach out and we will have a chat and we’ll take a call and then plan ahead. Right now, I think it’s all in limbo. We’re waiting for the spark. Gaurav’s waiting for the spark. Let’s do it this way.”

Well, it looks like fans would have to wait for a long time for Asur 3, or maybe not! We have our fingers crossed. The second season of Asur also saw the entry of stars like Meiyang Chang, Abhishek Chauhan and many more. Here the full interview of Oni Sen where he also spoke about incorporating mythology without hurting any sentiments. For more updates, stay tuned to

 After the thrilling two seasons of Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti’s Asur, fans are eager to know if season three on cards. Director Oni Sen shares some insights. 

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