Temptation Island India Exclusive: Omung Kumar reveals how the sets are different from Bigg Boss 17


Another reality show is on its way. Temptation Island India is going to hit JioCinema on November 3, 2023. It is a prominent reality show in America where couples agree to live with singles and love is tested. Now, the same version is coming to India where there will be Pyaar Ki Parisha. Mouni Roy and Karan Kundrra are going to be the host of the show and ace production designer Omung Kumar has designed the set of the show. He is also the one to add grandeur to Bigg Boss house every year. In a recent conversation with BollywoodLife.com, Omung Kumar revealed how the sets of both the shows are very different. Here are some excerpts from Omung Kumar‘s interview:

What is the theme chosen for the Temptation Island India villa?

So, the concept of this show is basically love plus temptation. There are two different distinctive looks for the show. One is the female side and one is the male side. So, there are two different bungalows that we had to design. And obviously, females are the prettier version in the whole place and the men is the masculine set that we have to do. So, while designing the brief was very simple. Make me a beautiful house where all the females can stay. But yes, simultaneously the men can tempt the females. And just the opposite in the male section. So, we searched and we got nice two bungalows on an island, which is an Alibaug island. And we chose the white villa, which I could transform into the female’s place, which is full of Bogan Villa, love, pink colours, pink lilac and fuchsia colours. And everything which is girly is in this bungalow. Just to make them feel at home. But yet, it is an island. So, everything which is the flowers and the curtains which are flying, there are lamps hanging on all the trees, which make it very romantic in the evening. And on the male side, the whole place we chose is the bungalow, it’s called Charcoal Bungalow. Charcoal means the grey slate. But grey slate, which has the masculine and black zone. But yes, the colour pops are always there, which has the deep pink and maroon. The dark colours which go with manly is what we have put in those rooms. Plus, the highlight of each and every place that we have done is that we have named every room. So, it’s easier to communicate, easier to locate, easier to distinguish and differentiate each room. Such as, there is a passion room. So, obviously, with the name itself and how the lettering is written on the wall, you can differentiate the room. There is love, there is sensual, there is what not.

Check out Temptation Island India video below:

What is the difference between Temptation Island India set and Bigg Boss 17?

Big Boss has a different theme generally every year and that goes into a studio, house. This is a real location with the gardens and the pool and the exterior and the beaches. So, that look is completely different. It doesn’t resemble anything which I’ve done for so many years for Big Boss. And because I’ve done Big Boss, that’s why I know how to differentiate this. Here, for the first time, we’ve printed curtains. That’s the highlight which I’ve never done because it’s real sunlight, real everything. In Big Boss, you don’t get that sunlight and all. So, this is a completely different look and feel of how it looks different in the daytime and how beautifully through the lighting itself, it changes in the night. So, those are very different parts than Big Boss.

What were the challenges faced while designing sets for Temptation Island India?

The challenge was basically the pre, not the bungalow, but the event that is taking place just before the launch, which is like making a floor on the pool. A ramp that we were required to make it on a pool, that was very challenging because there is water. How would it stay? How would it function? How would the singers dance on it? So, we put a huge print of water on the ramp itself and it’s floating on the pool and that’s where the whole launch of the series is going to happen. And otherwise, yes, because when you think of an island, when you think of beautiful stuff, the first thing that came to my mind was, obviously, it’s exotic. It’s like, you know, I have two separate, separate love zones, as they say. Maybe people can snuggle in one corner and that becomes their corner to talk and all. So, these small, small elements that we’ve done in the garden, in the different, different areas, under a huge banyan tree, little lamps, like a thousand lamps hanging on a tree and how pretty it looks at night. Those were all different things that we put into this. But it’s not a challenge, it’s just how to make it different than other shows. For more entertainment news, stay tuned to BollywoodLife.com.

 Temptation Island India begins from November 3 on JioCinema. Omung Kumar reveals all about the sets of the show. 

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