Heeramandi: Manisha Koirala says only Sanjay Leela Bhansali could see her as Mallika Jaan; ‘I have never been offered such a role in my life’ [Exclusive]


  Heermandi is all set to release on OTT on May 1 and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s fans are waiting to witness his magic all over again this time in a web series format. The filmmaker featured a spectacular ensemble cast for Heermandi and every actress in the web series is shining like a diamond. But one diva who has outdone herself is Manisha Koirala, her screen presence as Mallika Jaan is enticing and you will hate her character so much that will make you fall in love with her craft all over again. As Heeramandi: Diamond Bazar is all set to release on Netflix, Bl exclusively met the divas of the show including Manisha Koirala, where he quizzed her about the ruthless character she plays in Mallika Jaan. BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp. Get all the latest Entertainment News and TV News updates instantly. It’s very unbelievable to see Manisha transform as Mallika Jaan, talking about the same, Manisha said,” I have to say only Sanjay could see me doing such a character. It’s something I have never touched, felt comfortable with, or been offered something like this, but when Sanjay gives us any role, we will grab it, small, big, evil, good it doesn’t matter. What matters is he is going to do full justice to the character that he offers. For me to play Mallika Jaan, I had never imagined to be like that, I followed the way Sanjay had envisioned, and I am just happy to be Mallika Jaan directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali”. Manisha Koirala made her comeback after fighting deadly cancer and the way she is thriving all over again is every bit inspiring.   Manisha Koirala opens up about not being comfortable in doing roles like Mallika Jaan, but this isn’t the reason why she said yes to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The actress gets candid exclusively with BollywoodLife ahead of the release of Heeramandi. 

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