Bloody Daddy director Ali Abbas Zafar heaps praises on Shahid Kapoor; reveals how he cast him [Exclusive]


Bloody Daddy starring Shahid Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal and more celebs released in OTT on 9th June. The film has been getting a mixed to positive response with Shahid Kapoor getting a lot of praise for his acting chops in the movie. BollywoodLife got in touch with the Bloody Daddy director Ali Abbas Zafar for a small chat about the movie. We asked Ali Abbas Zafar if he had any other actor in mind other than Shahid Kapoor for the role of Sumair. Read more to know what he has to say…

Ali Abbas Zafar is all praise for Shahid Kapoor in Bloody Daddy

Ali Abbas Zafar has a unique approach towards filmmaking. He once revealed in one of his interviews that he first develops the characters and then approaches celebs. We asked if there was any other actor in his mind while working on Bloody Daddy. Did he in spite of Shahid Kapoor approving the initial idea had any other celeb in his mind? That does not seem to be the case, Ali Abbas Zafar tells BollywoodLife that he had Shahid have been jamming together for a long time and wanted to work together. Ali admits that Shahid has been into realistic kind of cinema while he has been into commercial films. “I just wanted to do a character which is like a bridge between his world and my world, he tells us while adding that when he started adapting the French film, he Indianized everything a lot. Ali Abbas Zafar shares that the character of Sumair is the kind of character which are in trend. And hence, when he reached out to Shahid with the role, the actor jumped at the opportunity.

Watch the Issa Vibe song video teaser from Bloody Daddy shared by Ali Abbas Zafar on his Instagram handle here:

“Also because he is a father now, he understands the emotions very very well. So I had no qualms explaining to him what was needed of Sumair. Shahid told me that when Misha and Zain go away from his eyes in a public place even for 10 seconds, I know what I feel.” So, he understood the anxiety of the father who you don’t know is on the right side of the system or is corrupt. And once he narrated him the character and the film, Ali says” Shahid was fully sold,” and was eager to do the film since he understood what he wanted to tell through the character.

Ali Abbas Zafar also talks about shooting amidst pandemic

We asked the Bloody Daddy director about the Covid scenes during the shoot. (Spoiler in case you still haven’t watched it) There’s a wedding sequence and the club scene which is buzzing with a lot of people. The director reveals that they took the cast and crew to a location and created their own bubble. Ali shares that he took the entire hotel and took everybody there. Bloody Daddy is majorly shot in the hotel and they got their whole set, be it the club, the kitchen, or the lounge in the same place. Ali Abbas Zafar says that when Shahid moves from one location to the other, each location becomes like a character in the film.

 Bloody Daddy director Ali Abbas Zafar is getting praises for the movie. We asked him about casting Shahid Kapoor as Sumair in Bloody Daddy. 

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