Bloody Daddy actor Ronit Roy opens up on celebs who have inspired him [Exclusive] 


Over the years, Ronit Roy has time and again proven to everyone that he is an absolute gem of an actor. While he made his debut as a lead actor in “Jaan Tere Naam” in 1992, he went on to give several memorable performances on not only the big screen, but even the small screen. Moreover, he is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful business venture that provides security to various Bollywood stars. During an interview with Arvind Kalyana Krishnan, while mentioning that all the actors he has worked with are special in their own place, he went on to say that he has never really been in “awe” of any of the actors’ acting skills.

Ronit Roy on working with a lot of actors

Ronit Roy says, “Yes, I have worked with a lot of actors, and I believe that every actor I have worked with has his or her special place. So not to take away anything from anybody, I mean I am very fond of a few actors, and am impressed with their acting capability, but not really in awe or complete awe of anybody really.”

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Is Ronit Roy in awe of any actor?

Further on, he spoke about how he felt privileged to have worked with his senior and junior actors and continues to learn from them, “We have some actors in India who I have grown up watching and some who have become actors after watching me. I truly feel blessed to have worked with actors from both sides. So yeah, I’m fond of a lot of actors, seniors and new included… But yeah not really in awe of anybody. But yes, I have learnt a lot from my senior actors. Now learning more from the young people who have come.”

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Ronit Roy about his learnings

The 57-year-old concluded by speaking about how the younger generation of actors are entrepreneurs in their own way, “I mean like I have said before, they’re coming with a new gear, new thoughts and new enthusiasm and new drives and goals. It feels good to sit with them and chat and learn about them and learn how they handle and go about things. They’re huge entrepreneurs in their own ways. Most young actors of today have a side hustle although they’re very young. So it’s great to learn about their journey, their skills and processes alongside their side hustles and entrepreneurship.” Ronit Roy was last seen in Bloody Daddy and played the antagonist in the Shahid Kapoor-led film. It is to be noted that he also starred in two other films this year. Them being Shehzada and Gumraah, and played pivotal roles in them. Besides, the talented actor has starred in some big-budget movies in the recent past such as Liger and Samshera. (Interview and written by Arvind Kalyana Krishnan)

 Noted film and television actor Ronit Roy in an interview with Arvind Kalyana Krishnan opens up about working with loads of talented actors and shares his learnings and reveals if anyone left him in awe. 

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