ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Has A Hard Time Keeping Cool While Meeting His Idol, NCT’s Jaehyun


ZEROBASEONE‘s Sung Hanbin was recently made into a successful fan after interacting with his favorite K-Pop group, NCT!

ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

It’s no secret among fans of Sung Hanbin that he is a huge NCTzen. From listing Jaehyun as one of his role models while on Boys Planet…

| Mnet

…to sharing playlists of only NCT songs…

…and even sharing Jaehyun’s content on his now-deleted Instagram account, it’s easy to see he loves NCT, especially his favorite member.

In fact, during a live stream in early October, Hanbin shared that he once saw Jaehyun in a waiting room, and his hands shook just from the proximity. Just the thought of Jaehyun seemed to have him a little stressed!

롤모델 선배님 만났는데 손이 덜덜 떨렸대 ㅋㅋㅋ

— mew’ (@mew613_) October 5, 2023

I did run into him once. I will never forget it, my hands were all shaking.

— Sung Hanbin

“Jaehyun sunbaenim… Jaehyun sunbaenim…” You’re gonna meet him soon Hanbin-ah

— vievie ʕ”̮ॽु | IA – DMs for GOs (@summmerhourz) October 12, 2023

Because of this, many fans were excited for the October 12 edition of MCountdown, where host Hanbin would have to interact with NCT 127.

From the start, Hanbin was in luck as he stood next to Jaehyun for the group’s interview segment.

Your browser does not support video.

Hanbin admited to being a fan and asks if he can do the “Fact Check” dance challenge, which he absolutely kills.

Yuta was looking at hanbin n clapping

Hanbin successful Czennie… like getting to stand beside jaehyun n even dance tgt fact check n Yuta approving 🥹🥹🥹🥹

— ⁷²팅⁷⁶ ☼✧︎ (@dochibubu) October 12, 2023

Afterward, the show’s other host, (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon, teases Hanbin a bit, who turns red and admits that his heart is beating extremely fast!

Your browser does not support video.

Miyeon: Hanbin, how do you feel about being a successful fan?

Hanbin: My heart is actually beating really fast now.

Miyeon: His face is so red!

During another segment of the show, where Jaehyun explained a past photo, Hanbin got even closer as the person holding the photo. It seems like the smile never left his face!

Your browser does not support video.

Your browser does not support video.

On top of everything, NCT’s account shared an official dance challenge video featuring Hanbin, Mark, and Haechan after the show ended!


Check the facts go check that (with. #성한빈 ) #MARK #HAECHAN #NCT127 #ZEROBASEONE #제로베이스원 #FactCheck #不可思議 #NCT127_FactCheck #NCT127_FactCheck_불가사의 #FactCheck_불가사의_不可思議

♬ Fact Check – NCT 127

Fans were very excited for Hanbin and grateful he got this chance!


— tori (@sunghaobin) October 12, 2023

hanbin’s ears are so red while holding jaehyun’s picture and can’t help to smile when jaehyun is talking omg a lucky valentine we need to see jaehyun and hanbin doing fact check challenge i’m begging

— ㅇㅇ (@dearestyunoh) October 12, 2023

sung hanbin went from mentioning jaehyun as his role model and liking a lot of jaehyun pics with his personal ig to finally meet him in person, standing next to him, interviewing nct 127, telling them that he’s their fans and doing a challenge with them. he has come so far 🥹

— ale (@hanbindeul) October 12, 2023

You can check out the full interview below.

 Honestly, we completely understand! 

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