ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Allegedly Caught Cursing After A Video Call With A Fan “Ends”


A clip of a video call between a fan and ZEROBASEONE‘s Kim Jiwoong is going viral.


On February 2, a fan posted a clip of their video call with Jiwoong, asking other fans for their “opinions” on the clip. In the video, Jiwoong can be seen saying goodbye to the fan, and when the video call “ends,” the idol allegedly can be heard saying shibal, or f*ck.

평소에도 빠순이와의 영통이 끝나시면 인사를 씨~발이라고하시는 편인가요? 제가 잘 모르겠어서 제로즈님들의 의견이 궁금합니다 #김지웅 #제로즈_트친소

— .. (@81930287a) February 2, 2024

Do you usually say f*ck after talking to fans? I’m not sure so I’m asking other Zerozes’ thoughts.

— Fan

During video call events that feature multiple idols, instead of ending the call, a cover is placed on the phone, and the idols’ side is muted. When the phone is passed to the next idol in line, the cover is removed, and the call is unmuted.

Jiwoong’s alleged cursing happened once the cover was placed and a few seconds had passed.

Behind the scenes of a video call with WINNER.

Kim Jiwoong originally got his start in the K-Pop group INX; however, the group disbanded after suing their company over mistreatment. Following two more short times in groups, Jiwoong began his acting career.

In 2023, Jiwoong was among the over 100 trainees who competed on Boys Planet, finishing in the top 9 and confirming his debut.


The clip of Jiwoong has already gone viral with over 7 million views on X alone.

 Fans immediately began trying to clear his searches. 

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