ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s New Status Message Gains Attention


ZEROBASEONE‘s Kim Jiwoong recently changed his Dear U. Bubble status message. Many felt that it was a response to the current situation that he is in. Kim Jiwoong faced criticism after he allegedly cursed during a videocall fansign. Later, his agency denied that it was him. A voice analysis of the call revealed that although the curse word was indeed uttered, it was unverifiable if the voice belonged to Kim Jiwoong or not. Although the company has stated that Kim Jiwoong denies having said the word, the public remains largely unconvinced.

WAKEONE Fails To Convince The Public About ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Cursing Allegations

In light of the controversy, he changed his status to the hanja words “事必歸正.”

Kim Jiwoong’s status. | theqoo

The idiom translates to “all matters will go back to its rightful place.” Fans take it to mean that Kim Jiwoong believed all was righted once more, after his agency gave the clarification. This change only served to rile up netizens even more. They were amused at his alleged brazenness.

Netizen comments. | theqoo LOOOOOL He’s giving a self-introduction. Ah… F*ck LOL. LOL. He turns me off completely. At this rate, I feel like he strongly insisted to his company that he didn’t do it. Wow, he wasn’t someone I was interested in in the beginning, but now he just gives me a bad impression. Tsk tsk. The person who heard the curse was his fan. Why is he treating this like some conspiracy?

Many had felt that he or WAKEONE should have apologized to the fan, regardless of if he did it or not. The fan was a paying customer, and even if it was a staff or external party that uttered the curse, WAKEONE should have been responsible enough to issue an apology.

Netizen comments. | theqoo Wow… He was inspired by G-DRAGON. I rather he say that he feels wronged because he didn’t do it… What’s up with his character? Just stay still… He should know that acting rashly will just cause more gossip… Why is he like that… What a pity. He’s old enough, but I know why he’s not the leader. Just what does he think of fans?

Previously, G-DRAGON had updated his Instagram with the same hanja idiom after being wrongfully accused by the police.

G-Dragon Personally Addresses Drug Scandal Following Test Results

You can read more about Kim Jiwoong’s original allegations below.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Allegedly Caught Cursing After A Video Call With A Fan “Ends”

 He angered netizens even more. 

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