Zendaya Spotted Shopping A Korean Product Even Koreans Don’t Know About


Ancci Brush House, a small store selling makeup brushes, is in Hongdae, Seoul.

Ancci Brush House in Hongdae | @shokommr/Twitter

Better known as the “Seohyun Station Brush,” from when the CEO used to sell the brushes at a kiosk outside the subway station, these “hidden gem” cosmetic brushes are one of the biggest “IYKYK”-type products among Korean MUAs and makeup fans.

CEO “Mr. An” of Ancci Brush House | @dolidooly25/Naver Blog

So when, out of nowhere, the Hollywood star Zendaya appeared in Ancci’s Instagram stories…

“DUNE” star Zendaya | News1

…Koreans could not hide their confusion!

The stories, claiming that the store was “blessed” by Zendaya’s visit, showed the DUNE movie star posing in a selfie with the two employees who were attending the store.

“Guys. Ancci Brush House was blessed yesterday.” | @anccibrush/Instagram “She gladly posed for a selfie with us when we asked.” | @anccibrush/Instagram

Based on Zendaya’s previous interviews and other content, capturing her passion for doing her own makeup, Koreans guessed that she must have heard about the brush store when it went viral on different social media platforms—and decided to pick some up for herself while she was visiting Korea to promote her new blockbuster movie!

Not much has been disclosed about what goodies Zendaya picked up on the day of her visit…

The brush selection at Ancci Brush House | @shokommr/Twitter

…but both Korean movie fans and makeup fans look forward to seeing the Ancci brush(es) be put to great use.

| theqooDaebak. Hahaha. This is so cool!” “DAEBAK, lol.” “Wha-?! The Seohyun Station brushes?! How does she know about them?” “Aw, this is so fricking cute!” “HAHAHA! Who told her about them?!” “What the frick?! How does she know about Ancci???” “Whoa, how does she know about this place?! LOL. But then again, this store is actually pretty popular. My friends from Japan are also into makeup and they always stop by to grab brushes. Haha.” “The store is in Hongdae. LOL. Is Zendaya still in Korea, though? It looks like she’s getting the most out of her sightseeing time here.” “I wonder if she has friends in Korea.” “WTF? How does she know about the Seohyun Station brushes…?” “What?!” “WTF.” “Huh??? Wait, is Zendaya a makeup girly???”   

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