Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet Are In Their K-Pop Idol Eras In Seoul


Actors Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler are currently promoting their new film Dune: Part 2, which is a sequel to the first Dune film, an adaptation of the novel of the same name.

“Dune” poster

Their latest stop on the film’s press tour is Seoul, South Korea. They recently arrived and were instantly given the idol treatment as their airport arrival was captured.

i’m so used to seeing those airport doors as a kpop stan that seeing zendaya come out of them left me stunned for a moment like….is this even real https://t.co/f6hGqojHHx

— 門 (@dyodayas) February 20, 2024

Zendaya in her kpop idol era pic.twitter.com/4jrZXcnDqv

— Ж (@lisaportraitt) February 20, 2024

It didn’t end there, though. At both the premiere and press event, Timothée went viral for his “aegyo.” He was captured doing both finger hearts as well as face hearts, posing cutely for the cameras.

ele fazendo aegyo Timothée oppa saranghae pic.twitter.com/GIVQGpYK6L

— .. (@lxttzp) February 22, 2024

ay me maté timothee haciendo aegyo lo amo pic.twitter.com/KTGAh7xztv

— vic (@thvrosies) February 22, 2024

WHY IS TIMOTHEE DOING AEGYO???? https://t.co/orYbeJNf4s

— mandy!! (@vnmpmin) February 22, 2024

Likewise, the entire cast, including Austin Butler and Zendaya, posed in such a way for cameras on the red carpet. While these poses are common for K-Pop idols, netizens aren’t used to seeing Western stars do such “cute” or “aegyo” poses.

I’m sorry I’m cackling at the thought of Timothée and Austin going over aegyo in their hotel. pic.twitter.com/mLUB5IYOmU

— Ziggy: Benny Cross’s ol’ lady. 1%er wife (@ARButlerism) February 22, 2024


— austinbutlervofmylife (@austinbutlove) February 22, 2024

the aegyo-fication of western celebrities whenever they step foot into korea is always hilarious to me https://t.co/qDypY7PUkF

— flora (@ujieffect) February 21, 2024

At the recent press conference, Zendaya’s stylist also used BTS Jungkook‘s “Standing Next to You” as audio for a video of her look. Her boyfriend, actor Tom Holland, is also ARMY.

lmao zendaya is currently in south korea & her stylist used snty remix for his IG video. jungkook you will always be the most popular idol and face of kpop!! pic.twitter.com/b8T0L3Ibdu

— ~R~ (@ojostarcandy) February 22, 2024

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 Their aegyo has gone viral. 

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