“You’re Too Manly” — Popular Korean Comedian Regrets Getting A Breast Augmentation Because Of Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Words


Comedian Kim Hye Seon recently confessed that she had undergone breast surgery because of an ex-boyfriend’s hurtful words.

Kim Hye Seon | @hyeseon.kim_77/Instagram

On October 16, Kim Hye Seon and her husband Stefan appeared as guests on SBS‘s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny

During the episode, Kim Hye Seon confessed that her image as a “strong woman who exercises” was a persona she created to stand out in the comedy industry. She explained that she doesn’t enjoy exercising much, but she did it for her comedy career.

I actually don’t like exercising. Because I kept failing the comedian test, I thought about creating a character that would work. When I made a list of characters that already existed, there didn’t seem to be a character of a woman with a strong body, so I created one.

— Kim Hye Seon


Her comedy persona eventually made her feel disconnected from her true self and depressed.

It’s embarrassing to say this but I have a feminine and introverted side, but the character I’m shown as always needs to be muscular and strong. I always had to be packaged as the ‘woman who is good at sports,’ so I felt a disconnection with myself. Depression hit me hard, and one day, I started to wonder, ‘Who is the real Kim Hye Seon?’

— Kim Hye Seon

Feeling that she lost the real her, Kim Hye Seon said she lost her will to live. Therefore, she decided to move to Germany with the thought of dying. However, everything changed when she met Stefan in Germany.

Kim Hye Seon (left) and Stefan (right) | @hyeseon.kim_77/Instagram

Kim Hye Seon revealed the touching reason for deciding to marry Stefan. First, she confessed that her ex-boyfriend body-shamed her for looking “too manly,” leading her to breast augmentation surgery.

Before meeting Stefan, my ex-boyfriend told me, ‘You are too manly. You are not a woman,’ and said hurtful things. It was wrong, but I thought that was also love. Wanting to be loved, I got a breast augmentation.

— Kim Hye Seon


After Kim Hye Seon got the surgery, she realized something was wrong.

After the surgery, I came to realization that this person had the wrong type of love. After breaking that, I went to Germany, but one side of my chest hurt. I wasn’t exercising at the time, but my chest was hurting, so I thought something was wrong.

— Kim Hye Seon

She added that she eventually told Stefan about her breast surgery, and she got them removed. However, it was what he said after the surgery that she decided she must marry him.

About a month after meeting my husband, I told him about it. Then I got surgery [to get the implants removed], and he was waiting for me in the operation room. The first thing my husband said while hugging me was, ‘I’m so happy that our hearts are closer now.’ I thought at that moment that I must marry him.

— Stefan

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Stefan added to Kim Hye Seon’s story, saying, “I love Hye Seon as she is, no matter how she looks.

Kim Hye Seon shared that she is still acting as the “strong woman who exercises” as her comedy persona. However, whenever she feels like she is losing her true self and will break down, her husband always reminds her about who she is.

He says, ‘This persona is also you. You’re doing this because you’re good at it. Not anybody can do it like you. This is your talent.’ So, I no longer have fear of such things.

— Kim Hye Seon

| @hyeseon.kim_77/Instagram

She concluded by thanking Stefan for saving her life in Germany.

In a way, I went to Germany to die, but he saved me there. He gave me a second life. He helped me find another Kim Hye Seon.

— Kim Hye Seon


Kim Hye Seon first debuted as a theater actress in 2002 and debuted as a comedian at KBS in 2011. She got married to Stefan in 2018.

 Eventually, this led to her deciding to marry the love of her life. 

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