“You’re Eating An Ahgase?”—GOT7’s BamBam Finally Gets To “Eat” His Fans


GOT7‘s BamBam is going viral in the Philippines!

On October 21, Filipino fans of the Thai singer were amazed when he posted a photo of his snack of the day on social media. It was none other than the local delicacy called balut.

let’s clear our timeline with this pic.twitter.com/zWUKVeNoUN

— BamBam (@BamBam1A) October 21, 2023

Although it looks like a simple hard boiled egg on the outside, it is actually a fertilized duck egg made up of the egg yolk, the egg white, the soup, and the baby duck itself.

Balut | How Stuff Works

A few days after sharing this photo, BamBam uploaded the full video of himself trying the egg for the first time. It opened with him cracking the shell on a hard surface.

Your browser does not support video.

He definitely seemed to find it interesting at least!

While many fans loved how BamBam immersed himself in the food culture of the Philippines…

Bambam mukbang video about eating balut the first time. But did you eat it with the coriander and salt ? @BamBam1A It’s really delicious that way pic.twitter.com/HAeF06ei6r

— ㅡ︿ㅡ¨ (@dallgonaa) October 24, 2023

Is this Balut, BamBam?

You’re eating us?

I’m craving balut rn, gotta go out and buy some pic.twitter.com/PMN9FxGZNu

— AhgaRose (@ph_roses071823) October 21, 2023

… a number of them couldn’t help but laugh at the pun that he created. GOT7’s fandom is called Ahgase (also known as IGOT7) which means “baby bird” in Korean. As such, BamBam was experiencing eating the Filipino ahgase—balut!

Fans joked that BamBam was “eating” them, even punctuating their comments with crying emojis.

You’re eating an ahgase?

— ᴊᴜᴠʏ (@sevendless) October 21, 2023

not bambam eating an ahgase(balut)

— ᴊ (@mixinn_) October 24, 2023

Bambam’s tl cleanse is balut bro is eating an ahgase https://t.co/spymHoqmWT

— A (@a_dhanielion) October 22, 2023

Last month BamBam shared in his press conference that he would like to “taste” his fans. He finally got to do so by eating balut!

I wanna experience eating my own fandom.

— BamBam

Read more about it below!

“I Wanna Experience Eating My Own Fandom”: GOT7’s BamBam Wants To Taste Ahgase

 Here’s what that really means. 

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