YG Entertainment Announces BABYMONSTER Will Debut In November


YG Entertainment has teased BABYMONSTER‘s long-awaited debut, which will be coming in November.

In a teaser shared on their social media channels, YG Entertainment shared BABYMONSTER’s coming soon notice. This also came with a new logo for the group’s name.

Fortunately, more details were announced. YG Entertainment shared in a press release that BABYMONSTER will debut in November. Currently, the group is practicing the choreography for their title track and will film their music video at the end of October. This announcement comes a month after BABYMONSTER was originally planned to debut, as Yang Hyuk Suk previously shared the group was planning to debut in September.

Yang Hyun Suk Shares More Details On BABYMONSTER’s Debut

We were extra careful in selecting the title track so that we could repay the fans with the highest quality. Due to the process, we ask for your understanding that their debut will be later than the previously mentioned September.

All preparations are complete now. We will continue to work full speed ahead so that BABYMONSTER will be able to debut in November. Please give them your attention.

— YG Entertainment

This announcement also comes after some fans suspected Ahyeon left the group after she was not spotted in the group’s socials for a long time.

“Did Ahyeon Leave The Group?” — Fans Wonder What Is Going On With BABYMONSTER

 We have a month! 

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