“Yellow Eyebrows?” The Person Responsible For Lee Hyori’s “Worst” Makeup Look


Earlier this month, Korea’s legendary diva Lee Hyori was criticized for a new makeup look. Today, the truth behind this new look was recently revealed.

Lee Hyori | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

On October 6, Lee Hyori attended a pop-up event for Burberry, where she debuted a moody fall-vibe makeup look that differed from her usual style.


Although the pictures she uploaded on her Instagram looked good, some press photos with flash and harsh lighting didn’t show the superstar in her full beauty. Korean netizens acknowledged that the pictures were not in her favor and that the experimental look didn’t highlight her beauty.

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Some said that the makeup style “aged her so much” and that she “would’ve looked better if she went bare-faced.” Many netizens left comments criticizing the makeup artist and saying Lee Hyori needs to change her makeup artist.

Lee Hyori even uploaded the press photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Reporter, let’s have a talk.” At the same time, she found the situation funny as she posted the picture twice with the other caption saying: “🫢🫢🫢 lol.”

| @lee_hyolee/Instagram

She embraced the photo and the situation, and during her performance on AKMU‘s KBS talk show The Seasons: Long Day, Long Night with AKMUshe held up the “bad” picture of herself, making audiences laugh.

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However, a recent video on the YouTube channel Hong’s MakeuPlay revealed that it wasn’t the makeup artist who chose this makeup look. It was Lee Hyori. In the video, Lee Hyori got her makeup done by makeup artist Hong Hyun Jung, and the whole process of Lee Hyori getting this infamous look done before going to the Burberry event was revealed.

In the video, Lee Hyori asked Hong Hyun Jung for specific colors and styles for an “autumn look for someone in their 40s” that is mature yet sophisticated, not too much, and mellow. In addition, she wanted a grunge and “British feel.

Your browser does not support video.| Hong’s MakeuPlay/YouTube   

While getting her makeup done, Lee Hyori asked if there was something to get rid of her eyebrows and went for a very light eyebrow look. With her smoky eyeshadow and lack of eyebrows, she claimed she looked like a “grim reaper” and later asked Hong Hyun Jung to draw in eyebrows for her. However, she asked her to draw her eyebrows with a “strong yellow.”

Your browser does not support video.| Hong’s MakeuPlay/YouTube  

The puzzled makeup artist questioned Lee Hyori’s request for yellow eyebrows but drew them for her anyway. When Lee Hyori asked the assistant makeup artist what she thought of the eyebrows, the assistant couldn’t lie and said, “It’s… so so.

Your browser does not support video.| Hong’s MakeuPlay/YouTube   

Hong Hyun Jung also expressed her honest reaction to the makeup look.

I’m a bit clueless because this is [a look] I never even imagined…

— Hong Hyun Jung

Lee Hyori then preached, “If you always do only what you can think of, you’ll get stuck there.”

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Claiming that she had done many pretty looks in the past, Lee Hyori decided to go with the yellow eyebrows. She also asked for strong eyeliner, a slightly reddish lip, drew on freckles, and put on colored contacts. Even the singer claimed that she didn’t think the fans would like the makeup look.

I don’t think the fans will like this today. They’re going to say, ‘What’s wrong with you? You were doing great.’ But there will be people who like this.

— Lee Hyori


She even gave a warning to Hong Hyun Jung about the comments that would come in about the yellow eyebrows.

You’re going to have to deal with the comments about my yellow eyebrows. But this is what I wanted to do, so…

— Lee Hyori

Your browser does not support video.| Hong’s MakeuPlay/YouTube    

With her finished makeup look and brown outfit, she thanked Hong Hyun Jung and her subscribers.

Your browser does not support video.| Hong’s MakeuPlay/YouTube    

On her way out, she was heard saying, “If there are weird articles [about my makeup], call me,” to which Hong Hyun Jung replied, “I’m scared.”

Netizens left comments in support of the video, saying that Lee Hyori was cool for trying something new after trying many pretty concepts in the past. Others emphasized how pictures from different reporters at the Burberry event showed Lee Hyori looking amazing and that only the one photo made her look bad.

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 “It’s a look I’ve never imagined…” 

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