Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai upcoming twists: Armaan asks Ruhi to leave him; Yuvraj escapes from jail to marry Abhira


Harshad Chopda and Pranali Rathod are no longer a part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The show has taken a generation leap with Samridhii Shukla and Shehzada Dhami as the leads. The story of Abhira and Armaan has begun. Abhira lives wth her mother, Akshara in Mussoorie. They both run a resort and we saw Armaan visiting the resort with the Poddars where Ruhi also comes with the Goenkas. They both fall in love and Armaan meets Akshara who was his professor in the law college. Abhira and Akshara have been irritated with Yuvraj who wants to marry Abhira. Yuvraj is the son of a MLA and is doing crazy things to trouble Abhira. Akshara and Abhira file a case against him. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. Yuvraj’s father appoints Armaan as his lawyer but hides the truth that Yuvraj was actually troubling Abhira. Akshara also warns Armaan about Yuvraj and later the truth comes out. Yuvraj gets punished and is sent to jail for 10 years. While Armaan is in this case, Ruhi waits for him in Udaipur for a date. Armaan isn’t able to contact Ruhi as his phone gets damaged.

Ruhi decides to marry Rohit

Ruhi misunderstands Armaan and agrees to marry Rohit. She gets engaged to Rohit and in the upcoming episodes, we will see that Armaan returns on the day of Rohit and Ruhi’s engagement. Ruhi is upset as she has to marry Rohit as Armaan broke her trust. This is a big story in TV news.

Armaan asks Ruhi to forget him

We will see that Armaan will return home and later find out that Rohit is marrying Ruhi. He will be hurt to know that Ruhi ditched him. Ruhi will explain him the truth and their misunderstandings will be cleared. But Armaan is now not ready to marry Ruhi.

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He will tell Ruhi to forget him as she is marrying Rohit. He will tell her that he cannot ditch his brother as he loves him the most. He will ask Ruhi to forget him and marry Rohit. On the other hand, Abhira will be surprised as Yuvraj escapes from jail to once again starts troubling her. Will Armaan return to save Abhira again? In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see that Armaan will be shattering knowing Ruhi has decided to marry his brother Rohit. 

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