Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Samridhii Shukla, Shehzada Dhami aka Abhira-Armaan’s cute ‘nok-jhok’ wins hearts; fans say ‘They are so K-drama coded’


Samridhii Shukla and Shehzada Dhami starrer Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is getting all the love. The fourth generation story of the show has now been accepted by the audience. As per the story, Armaan and Ruhi loved each other but they had to marry Abhira and Rohit. Rohit went missing after he came to know about Ruhi and Armaan. The Poddars assumed Rohit to be dead while Ruhi went into depression as she felt she lost her family, her love, and now even Rohit. But this time, Armaan and Abhira tried to help her out. However, Ruhi misunderstood Armaan’s care. She felt he still loved her and hence is caring for her. Ruhi is now obsessed with Armaan and wants him to leave Abhira and be with her. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. Abhira and Armaan are husband and wife but they have decided to be just friends until Abhira becomes a lawyer. However, their friendship has grown now and Armaan is doing everything possible to make her the lawyer. Ruhi is getting jealous of Abhira always and wants her to stay away from Armaan.

Abhira and Armaan’s cute moments impress the audience

But, Armaan and Abhira’s cute friendship is winning hearts and people are loving this jodi. The recent episode had some cute moments of Abhira and Armaan. Armaan is ready for a party and Abhira is excited to be joining him. Abhira chooses a white shirt and a black suit for him. However, Ruhi wanted him to wear a blue outfit but Armaan chose Abhira’s option. Ruhi got jealous and spoilt Armaan’s outfit so that he wears what she wanted him to. Later, we see Abhira confronting Armaan and we see a cute moment between them. Fans have compared them to K-Drama couples. People have loved the nok-jhok between them. One of the users wrote, “Am I watching ITV? They are so kdrama coded #yrkkh”

Am I watching ITV? They are so kdrama coded ? #yrkkh

(@Chaeunshhi) January 31, 2024

  Another user wrote, “If someone asks me what is my favorite thing about Abhira and Armaan I’ll show them this clip!! I love the way they act like kids. The moments when these two act chaotic are my most favorite!!”

If someone asks me what is my favorite thing about Abhira and Armaan I’ll show them this clip!! I love the way they act like kids. The moments when these two act chaotic are my most favorite!! ????#yrkkh

Dua (@duaa2418) January 31, 2024


Neither Ab nor Ar realise the importance of what Ab is doing for Ar with all these antics of hers.

She’s helping him relive his lost childhood. She’s letting his inner child thrive for a moment or two. She’s healing what neither of them realise is broken.#yrkkh #AbhiMaan love triumphs all ? (@tanushree_madan) January 31, 2024


Abhira is so cute in this! Any other actress in this show doing such antics would have made the scene look very cringe but this girl pulled it off so well! Watched this scene 10 times just for the hyaaaa ?#yrkkh

NS ???? (@missNthuSiast) January 31, 2024


They’re so fricking cute ?? @/dkp akal ke andho focus on them the potential is amazing if utilized open your goddamned EYES #yrkkh

Pari? (@Tootiice) January 31, 2024


“Abse me tumhare liye kuchh karungi hi nahin” ??

She literally made him childish like her The way he pressed her lips to stop her bad-bad so that he can give explanation ???#SamridhiiShukla | #AbhiraSharma | #ShehzadaDhami | #ArmaanPoddar | #AbhiMaan | #yrkkh | #yrkkh4 Heena (@itsmeheena_) January 31, 2024


I think Armaan really enjoys what Abhira does to him… This is the first time I’ve seen an abusive husband and lawyer also enjoy this in the history of a drama ???. #Yrkkh

?? madha (@madhy13342301) January 31, 2024


A look at actors who were offered Abhimanyu’s role in YRKKH before Harshad Chopda

Well, they are actually too cute! Recently, it was being reported that Raj Anadkat is entering the show as Abhir. The show also stars Shivam Khajuria, Shruti Ulfat, Shruti Rawat, Sandeep Rajora, Preeti Amin, Preeti Puri Choudhary, Gaurav Sharma, Sidharth Vasudev, Saloni Sandhu, Rishabh Jaiswal, Sikandar Kharbanda, Sharon Varma, Manthan Setia, Pratiksha Honmukhe. Samridhii Shukla and Shehzada Dhami are getting all the love for their chemistry in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The story of Abhira and Armaan is getting all the attention. 

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