Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Exclusive: Samridhii Shukla talks about her bond with Shehzada Dhami and Priti Amin aka Akshara


Harshad Chopda and Pranali Rathod have left Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and this is a big disappointment for all Abhimanyu and Akshara fans. Fans wanted to see more of Abhimanyu and Akshara’s story. A happy ending for the jodi was needed and hence fans are disappointed. But the entry of Abhira and Armaan was also quite impressive. Samridhii Shukla and Shehzada Dhami have been doing great in the show. They have been loved by the audience. The new jodi is slowly making everyone fall in love with them. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. As per the story, Abhira and her mother Akshara have a resort in Mussoorie and Armaan’s family comes there for a vacation. The Poddar family is of very old thinking that only men can work and not women. Ruhi and the Goenkas also come there for a vacation. Armaan falls in love with Ruhi while his fights with Abhira became the highlight of the show. Armaan and Abhira do not like each other but as per the promo, Abhira will end up marrying Armaan. The nok-jhok of Abhira and Armaan is getting all the love. People are loving the new jodi. This is a big story in Entertainment News and TV news.

Samridhii Shukla on her bond with Shehzada Dhami

Now, Samridhii spoke to BollywoodLife exclusively and opened up about her thoughts on her chemistry with Shehzada Dhami. She said, “I have not had many scenes with Armaan yet. His love track is currently going on with Ruhi. So, it is all of nok-jhok that we have now. He is a lovely guy and it is good to work with him. I believe when we will have the love track, we will have fabulous chemistry. We haven’t explored the romance track yet as we are just fighting in the show right now. But in that also, the give and take has been very nice. His timing, my timing and the nok-jhoks are coming out very nicely. So, right now the jhagda wala chemistry is coming out well and I am sure pyaar wala chemistry will also come soon.”

Samridhii Shukla talks about her bond with Priti Amin aka Akshara

She further spoke about her bond with Priti Amin who plays Akshara now. She shared, “Priti Amin is lovely. We both sit on each other’s laps while working. The first time we met, we were travelling in the car. We were going to Mahabaleshwar and that is where the Mussoorie scenes were shot. We both were going in the same car. And she is always so prepared. She is a senior actor and ofcourse she must be having a lot of experience of outdoor shoots. So, while travelling she removed like 3-4 types of fruits, a knife and a bowl. I was like from where is all this coming. I told her how prepared you are. She will also share it with everyone. She is a very nice person.”

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New cast of YRKKH

Apart from Samridhii and Shehzada, Shruti Ulfat, Shruti Rawat, Sandeep Rajora, Shivam Khajuria, Preeti Amin, Preeti Puri Choudhary, Sidharth Vasudev, Anita Raj, Saloni Sandhu, Rishabh Jaiswal, Sikandar Kharbanda, Manthan Setia, Sharon Varma, Pratiksha Honmukhe are also a part of the new cast.

 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress Samridhii Shukla opened up about her bond with Shehzada Dhami and Priti Amin who plays Akshara in the show. 

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