“Would You Let Your Boyfriend Watch Kwon Eunbi’s Fancams?” A K-Pop Idol Draws The Line While Talking About Her Dating Style


Singer Lee Chaeyeon revealed a lot about her dating style, including her ideal type and where she would draw the line in relationships.

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On October 18, Lee Chaeyeon appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel STUDIO WAFFLE for an interview.

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She performed the highlight choreography of her newest song, “LET’S DANCE,” which is made up of intricate footwork and shuffling.

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Lee Chaeyeon mentioned her sister, Chaeryeong from ITZY, and shared how they used to fight when they were young.

We fought a lot—starting from socks and arguing over if they were mine or hers to nails… There was a time we pulled each other’s hair. We really held on to each other’s hair while standing in front of our math academy for hours until one person let go.

— Lee Chaeyeon

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However, the singer emphasized that their relationship has become much better since they debuted.

A young Chaeryeong and Lee Chaeyeon | @chaestival_/Instagram

The hosts then asked her if she and Chaeryeong had the same ideal types when it comes to dating. Lee Chaeyeon vigorously waved her hands around in disagreement, sharing that their ideal types are completely opposite.

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Lee Chaeyeon shared that she doesn’t normally have an ideal type based on physical looks, but these days, she has been into guys with a certain type of look.

I usually don’t have a [physical] ideal type, but these days, I seem to like people who have dinosaur-like features.

— Lee Chaeyeon

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Immediately, the hosts gushed about how actor Gong Yoo is the representative “dinosaur-like” figure.

Gong Yoo | Netflix

The hosts then asked Lee Chaeyeon about what she would do in hypothetical situations with a boyfriend. When asked how she would react if her boyfriend asked her to invite her friends, then was only good to her friends and not her, Lee Chaeyeon shared that she would appreciate him being nice to her friends but that he would have to be good to her, too.


Then, they talked about being jealous in relationships when one’s significant other likes other celebrities.

Host Jo Se Ho asked the hypothetical question, “What if your boyfriend says he wants to go to an ITZY concert?” and Lee Chaeyeon replied that it’s fine because it’s her sister.

ITZY members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeyeon, and Yuna (left to right) | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

Jo Se Ho then asked a follow-up question: “What if it’s one of your IZ*ONE members’ fan meetings?” Lee Chaeyeon answered honestly.

Honestly, it’s fine if it’s my IZ*ONE members.

— Lee Chaeyeon

IZ*ONE members | @official_izone/Instagram

Then Jo Se Ho passionately chanted IZ*ONE member and solo artist Kwon Eunbi‘s name.

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When asked if she would be okay with her boyfriend acting like this or if she would be okay with him watching Kwon Eunbi’s fan cams, Lee Chaeyeon drew the line and said she wouldn’t be okay with that.

Kwon Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

She also shared how she would feel about her boyfriend owning photocards of female K-Pop idols.

If he’s up front about it and shows me [the photocards], it’s fine because I’m in the same industry and I understand they could think she’s cool and great. But he needs to be that much better to me. He needs to give me trust.

— Lee Chaeyeon


Lee Chaeyeon released her first single album The Move: Street on September 6 with “LET’S DANCE” as the title track.

Check out the music video for “LET’S DANCE” here.

 She had to draw the line somewhere. 

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