“Worst Event Ever” — Everything That Went Wrong At KBS’” Immortal Songs” Live Concert


Earlier this year, KBS‘ Immortal Songs announced it would hold a special live concert in America. Initially, the event was to be held at Met Life Stadium in New York and boasted a line-up that included ATEEZ, NewJeans, and Psy.

| Studio PAV

Unfortunately, it seems like the event was fated to suffer multiple mishaps, starting with its initial low sales that forced a venue change.

Netizens Notice Low Ticket Sales For KBS’ “Immortal Songs” Live Concert In New York—3 Possible Reasons Why

Venue changes due to low sales are not an uncommon occurrence; however, with this change also came the announcement that NewJeans would no longer appear at the festival. Fans were also left irritated they would have to deal with changing their tickets and doing another round of sales.

Update regarding KBS’ Immortal Songs: Live Concert in US

Please see the finalized line up for KBS’ Immortal Songs: Live Concert in US at Prudential Center on October 26th. NewJeans is no longer part of the final line up.

Due to this change we have a few more announcements… pic.twitter.com/yKRfKMq5jW

— Studio PAV (@studio_pav) October 12, 2023

NewJeans’ canceled appearance left many in fear that other acts would leave the concert, though thankfully, all other artists attended.

According to attendees, the problems began pre-show with the event’s soundcheck. Typically, K-Pop acts that include a sound-check in the perks for their tickets will “rehearse” three to four songs on stage, but ATEEZ only performed one due to time constraints.

Just one song for soundcheck #PSY #싸이 #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #Atiny #PattiKim #패티김 #LenaPark #박정현 #KimTaeWoo #김태우 #Jannabi #잔나비 #Youngtak #영탁 #LeeChanWon #이찬원 #ImmortalSongs #신동엽 #김준현 #이찬원 #ImmortalSongsLiveConcert #ImmortalSongsinUS pic.twitter.com/7H77m5MjEH

— 래이나 (@happinessDlight) October 26, 2023

Next, attendees reported technical issues throughout the concert, including screen projection problems and issues with sound and stage set-up.

Why did I just see the whole format of the broadcasting screen when they tried to display the live feed during jannabi’s performance at immortal songs

— Shishi (@only_wndrlnd) October 26, 2023

The professionalism of @ATEEZofficial really shines here. I know they might be a little upset by the sound and camera issues (it seems like they can barely hear themselves) but they handled like pros. I recorded this because I love the song and shows undeniable control and skill pic.twitter.com/N3uUy3ll4T

— Jeff Benjamin (@Jeff__Benjamin) October 27, 2023


My poor boys they look MAD MAD The organization of the immortal song concert was very messed up #ateez #immortalsongs #livestage

♬ original sound – vai

The timing was also an issue — the concert was set to end at 11 p.m., but allegedly, by the supposed stop time, ATEEZ had not completed their set, and Psy had not yet performed. Psy eventually closed the show around 11:40 p.m.

immortal songs is scheduled to end in 1 minute… psy hasn’t even come out, ateez barely performed, and everyone has done 6 outfit changes. i’m in hell. kpop hell.

— paige⁷⩜⃝ (@floatingdesire) October 27, 2023

Finally, to encourage ticket sales, the send-off perk was added to the P1 VIP benefits. Normally, send-offs will occur in a smaller location, allowing fans to get some close-up interactions with their favorite artists.

lisa interacting with me in send off I love you so much blackpink come back to Dallas pls pic.twitter.com/J4vWLDuYLB

— sam ‍ (@lovesickbean) October 26, 2022

The Immortal Songs send-off occurred on the main stage, creating a safety issue as many pushed to the front. According to fans at the event, this was supposed to be in a different room, but time constraints meant it was inaccessible.

We lost our seats.

— ˚ʚ desire ɞ˚i miss ateez (@desjoong) October 27, 2023

so what happened was that because the concert ended so late, the room that was supposed to be used for send off was closed, so then staff said that each artist individually was gonna walk around the stage and wave bye to everyone, then she said we could stand then everyone pushed…

— nad ❥ (@haramjoong) October 27, 2023

While attendees praised all the artists performing and enjoyed the musical aspects, many have sworn off attending events held by the promotor, Studio PAV.

studio pav runing this event crazy omg love the artist but they never need to have another event again why i seen the computer interface more then the artist on the stage

— ˚₊‧꒰ა 𝑫𝑰𝑨𝑯 ⁷໒꒱ ‧₊ (@ds_lit3) October 27, 2023

you owe every fan and artist at immortal songs an apology @studio_pav

— winnie ᵕ̈ (@hongteezer) October 27, 2023

studio pav runing this event crazy omg love the artist but they never need to have another event again why i seen the computer interface more then the artist on the stage

— ˚₊‧꒰ა 𝑫𝑰𝑨𝑯 ⁷໒꒱ ‧₊ (@ds_lit3) October 27, 2023

 Some have compared it to the ill-fated KAMP LA 2023. 

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