Woman Saves Ungrateful Friend’s Life And Gets Severely Punished For It


The saying “no good deed goes unpunished,” proved true for one brave woman who endured a literal backstabbing for her friend.

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He, a 34-year-old beautician from Shaanxi, China, saved her friend and roommate Xiaoli from a knife-wielding attacker. He and Xiaoli had been roommates since 2020 and Xiaoli, who was 16-year-old at the time, became a little sister to He and worked at the same salon as an apprentice.

Fast forward to 2023, to a severed friendship, and a breakup gone bad. Xiaoli’s ex-boyfriend, surnamed Wang, broke into the women’s shared home after Xiaoli refused to get back together with him.

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According to He, Xiaoli burst into her room shouting, “Sister He, save me,” just before she was about to go to bed. Like a true older sister, He protected Xiaoli from Wang’s vicious knife attack that resulted in both women suffering multiple wounds.

Scars from He’s knife wounds. | The Paper

Thanks to He, who managed to calm Wang down, both women survived, but at a price. He suffered wounds to her head and neck that have caused her long-term hardships.

The wounds to my body reach 107cm in total length. Wang slashed me more than 20 times with the knife.

— He

He’s family has gone into debt to pay her medical bills. She has lost her job, and also her once-strong friendship with Xiaoli. “I suffered this to save her,” He said. “but [Xiaoli] doesn’t even apologize.”

Scars from He’s knife wounds. | The Paper

The case, which went to trial in October, is ongoing. Online, netizens have expressed sympathy for He and a desire for justice to be served. When Shangyou News reached out to Xiaoli’s family for comment, however, the family threatened to call the police.

Don’t call me again, otherwise I will call the police.

— Xiaoli’s family

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 Backstabbed (literally). 

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