“Will They Boycott Apple Now?” Ad Brings Back The 🤏 Rage


A new ad from Apple just renewed discussion about what some considered an anti-male symbol.


As many are aware, feminism is a very sensitive topic in Korea, something seen in the way idols have been attacked over having “feminist agendas.” In 2021, much attention was placed on a hand gesture associated with Megalia, a radical feminist community board no longer in operation.

The pinching emoji (🤏 ) may be run of the mill in most places, but in Korea, it refers to something being small. On the inactive forum, women often mirror misogynistic language used on male forums and “locker room talk” to make a point and bring awareness to the injustices women face as opposed to their counterparts.

The 🤏 came to be seen as mocking men’s private parts, and ads featuring the gesture were quickly removed.

| KyoChon

In a recent Korean forum post, an ad for the Apple Watch Series 9 was shared, showing off a new feature. With this watch, you can tap your index finger and thumb together to perform many tasks, including turning off an alarm and answering a call.

The motion is very similar to the “controversial” pinching gesture.

Your browser does not support video.| Apple

The response to the ad on the Korean forum was mostly humorous from women, with many questioning if offended men would protest the international brand as well.

Go on. Get pressed. Holy f*ck, this is f*cking hilarious. LOL. OMFG, lmao. HAHAHAHAHAHA.466. I thought the post title was an exaggeration. But as soon as I played the video, I started cracking up. I hope they’re running to Apple [to boycott]. Pffft. Glad I made the switch to the iPhone and iPad. Maybe I’ll get myself a watch, too. LOOOOOL. This is f*cking funny. Look! It’s the evil “pinching finger” thing you delulus made up!  Many wonder if the response will be the same. 

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