Why K-Pop Idols Are Afraid To Be Themselves, According To Jessi


While some K-Pop idols, such as Jeon Somi and GOT7‘s BamBam, have been praised for being honest and true to themselves…

Somi BamBam

…most idols feel restricted, often watching what they do and say due to their companies’ standards.

Recently, in an interview with Zach Sang Show, soloist Jessi revealed why she believes K-Pop idols are afraid to be themselves.

It’s not a rule, but I think people are scared.

— Jessi

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Jessi explained that most idols, when they debut, are young and begin being very polite and cute. So, it’s shocking if they suddenly go from one extreme to the next.

Because they’re already… Let’s say I debut, and I’m like 16 or 17 years old, and I’m like, ‘Hi, annyeonghaseyo.’ You can’t go from this and the next day be like, ‘Yo, wassup, b*tch?!’ You know, you can’t. That’s crazy sh*t, right. So, they’re just consistent with their behavior, and I think that’s what it is.

— Jessi

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On the other hand, Jessi has been herself since her debut. So, this was not an issue.

And that’s where I come, and I’m just like… I’ve just been myself since day 1. Like, if anything, I feel like I’m nicer now.

— Jessi

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One thing is for sure: because of artists in the industry like Jessi, it has made more idols feel comfortable to be open and themselves too!

Watch the full episode below.

 “I’ve just been myself since day 1.” 

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