Why Chungha Decided To Join Jay Park’s Label MORE VISION


Talented soloist Chungha was the most recent guest on LACHICA Gabee‘s talk show Gabee’s Rising Star, where she discussed the time she’s taken away from the spotlight, her move to MORE VISION, and behind-the-scenes information about her past releases.

Gabee (left) and Chungha (right) | Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

It was confirmed in March that Chungha would be leaving MNH Entertainment, and it was seven months before she confirmed she found a new home with Jay Park‘s new label, MORE VISION.

Chungha | @MOREVISIONKR/Twitter

Gabee revealed that Chungha, who last released solo music in July 2022, was contemplating taking a longer hiatus from idol activities after leaving MNH Entertainment.

Gabee suggested that the talented soloist look into new agencies instead, as she felt Chungha was too talented not to sing and dance. Chungha, instead, views singing as her job and not her life.

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Gabee firmly told Chungha that she must continue being a singer and encouraged her by saying Chungha couldn’t have picked a better company to start her new chapter with.

Chungha revealed that, when deciding to sign with MORE VISION, she was looking for a company that would appeal to her and give her realistic advice.

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She hoped for a company that would act like a “pacemaker” for her when she’s burnt out and was honestly looking for someone who would give it to her straight.

Chungha explained that after establishing an eight-year-long career for herself, she noticed that people started to filter their opinions around her, and it scared her.

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Although MORE VISION was a newer company when they approached Chungha, she decided to move forward with them because they understood the mindset of her career as a singer not being her life and accepted her as she was.

Gabee hilariously sent a video message to MORE VISION, detailing exactly why they’re lucky to have such a talented artist among their impressive roster of signed talent.

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During their interview, Chungha revealed how she spent her time away from the spotlight and what she considered doing before signing with MORE VISION.

Check out more on that in the article below!

LACHICA’s Gabee Talked Chungha Out Of Taking A Hiatus From Idol Activities

 “There was only one reason.” 

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