Why Amar Singh Chamkila’s murder case remains unsolved? Mehsampur director shares his take


Amar Singh Chamkila – the famous Punjabi singer who was shot dead at the age of 27 is back in the news because of Imtiaz Ali’s film. Starring Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra, Amar Singh Chamkila that released on Netflix is a biography of the singer who was known as the Elvis of Punjab. Before Amar Singh Chamkila, director Kabir Singh Chowdhary made a film on him that was titled Mehsampur. It received wide critical acclaim. In a latest interview, Kabir Singh Chowdhary spoke about his research for the film Mehsampur and shared his view on why Amar Singh Chamkila’s murder still remains unsolved. Get TV News and Entertainment News updates instantly, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Kabir Singh Chowdhary revealed about his meeting with an alleged killer of Amar Singh Chamkila who is still alive. He said that he crossed path with one of Chamkila’s killer but it is all hearsay. The director did manage to get an insight into the motivations behind the killings but he did not put much weight on it. Kabir Singh Chowdhary mentioned about the atmosphere of Punjab being chaotic and lawless back in time. He added that back then personal vendettas were resolved through violence thus the actual reason behind Amar Singh Chamkila’s murder remains unsolved. Kabir Singh Chowdhary was also asked why according to him the murder case hasn’t been solved yet. To this, the ace filmmaker stated that there could be variety of reasons. The complexity of the case with multiple potential motives and suspects, could be one of the reasons. Plus, a lot of time has passed making it difficult for investigators to gather evidence. The role of possible political or societal pressures hindering the investigation also cannot be discarded. All of these reasons could have been attributed to the mystery behind Amar Singh Chamkila’s unsolved murder case, according to the director. Mehsampur released in 2018. It also won the Grand Jury Prize at MAMI festival the same year. On the other hand, Imtiaz Ali’s Amar Singh Chamkila has got an IMDb rating of 8.2. Diljit Dosanjh‘s performance in the titular role is being hailed by the masses.

Here’s a video from Diljit Dosanjh’s concert

 Before Amar Singh Chamkila starring Diljit Dosanjh, director Kabir Singh Chowdhary made a movie on the famous singer called Mehsampur. In a recent interview, he shared his views on why Chamkila’s murder case remains unsolved. 

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