Who Are “Tae Joon” And “Ji Hye” Mentioned In BTS V’s Latest Instagram Update?


Following the successful release of “Love Wins All,” IU and her music video co-star BTS‘s V have been sharing various behind-the-scenes bits with their fans.

In his latest Instagram update, featuring pictures from the MV’s most-loved “photobooth” scene, V mentioned two names in the caption: Tae Joon and Ji Hye.

Tae Joon and Ji Hye. I hope you’re both happy.

— V

So who are Tae Joon and Ji Hye?

The names actually come from a long-time IU fan, whose Instiz post went mega-viral not too long ago. In the post, the fan—so completely mesmerized by the MV and the chemistry between the two idols—said that they no longer recognize IU and V for who they are…

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…but only as the desperately-in-love couple, fighting against the evil cube.

In fact, the fan even explained that in their mind, the couple’s names are Tae Joon and Ji Hye for some inexplicable reason!

| Instiz

[When I See IU x V Pics, I No Longer See Them As IU And V.]

I see them as Ji Hye and Tae Joon from the music video. (I don’t actually know them, but in my mind, that’s what their names are.)

Just looking at the pictures breaks my heart. You know what I mean?

The post received a tremendous amount of attention, with thousands of BTS and IU fans agreeing with the sentiment of having their lives so helplessly dominated by the MV—and the names, too!

| theqoo “Yeah. Their pictures break my heart, too.” “Ji Hye and Tae Joon, LOL.” “I wish the best for Ji Hye and Tae Joon, too. I’d love a movie giving them the happiest ending.” “F*ck, HAHAHA.” “LOL. Ji Hye and Tae Joon suit them so well, though.” “WHY DOES IT MAKE SO MUCH SENSE LOL.” “It’s hilarious how you gave them names. LMAO.” “WTF? They DEFINITELY look like Ji Hye and Tae Joon. Haha!” “Such perfect names, too! HAHA. The MV is ruining me, too. I cry whenever I listen to the song.” “Ji Hye and Tae Joon, OMFG. It’s perfect for them. HAHA. I won’t ever be able to get those names out of my head now. I’ve been re-watching the MV a dozen times a day… I’m literally so attached to them, it’s like I gave birth to them. What is wrong with me? I love them so much. I’m never going to get over this MV. In fact, I can almost hear the song playing in my head right now… I’m going to go listen to it again!” “I mean, I totally get what you mean with those names. Haha.” “Me too! I can’t stop watching the MV. It’s taking over my life… Like, stop! MAKE IT STOP!”

And it seems the post has reached BTS’s V!

IU and BTS’s V in “Love Wins All” | @bighit.music/Instagram

Following V’s playfully-appreciative post, the fan who originally named the two MV characters reacted with absolute bamboozlement!

지혜 태준.. 그냥 뮤비 보다가 순간 과몰입해서 쓴건데 이게 무슨일이죠..?
당황스러🫣#Love_wins_all 흥해라~ pic.twitter.com/jmKcSLcrxB

— Lovey s2【러비】 (@LoveyS2iu) January 28, 2024

Ji Hye and Tae Joon… I just came up with those names while watching the MV and getting way too into it. I can’t believe this is happening…?! Haha, I’m so bamboozled right now. I wish all the best for #Love_wins_all!

— @LoveyS2iu/Twitter

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 There’s a story behind those names. 

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