When Waheeda Rehman Told Saira Banu: “You Really Are A Beauty Queen”

Saira Banu has shared a heartfelt birthday wish for her “aapa” Waheeda Rehman. The veteran actress turns  83 today. The carousel of photos is a nostalgic journey, featuring a young Saira Banu with Dilip Kumar and Waheeda Rehman. The post also includes a snapshot of a wedding anniversary card signed by Waheeda Rehman for Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. Additionally, a black and white frame captures a moment from a film shoot featuring the young Dilip Kumar and Waheeda Rehman. In the caption, Saira wrote, “Happy Birthday Waheeda [Rehman] Aapa! I have known her for long as my mother Naseem Banuji and Waheeda [Rehman] Aapa resided in the very same building at Nepean Sea Road.” 

Sharing the story behind the initial frame, Saira Banu said, “The first time I saw Waheeda Aapa was at a function in an auditorium where we were invited and the Chief Guest was Dilip [Kumar] Sahib, whom I was dying to see at any given opportunity. My mother and I sat with all the prime guests, Waheeda Rehman ji, the poetess cum filmstar Tabassum, the maestro Shankerji of the Shanker-Jaikishan musical. The compere at the mike started to invite the celebrities onto the stage, of course starting with Sahib. When he called out all the names I was sitting with my mother who was busy signing autographs. Meanwhile, the compere called out the famous celebrities but when my turn arrived, he fumbled and it was like thousands of hours of embarrassment to me, I was drained in nervous perspiration that this man was fumbling to find my name! How embarrassing for me!”

She continued: “That very instant, Sahib [Dilip Kumar] took the mike from the Compere and said ‘Saira Banu, daughter of Naseemji, Please come on to the stage’! Imagine my nervousness after this little faux pas by the Compere when I was already struggling to look composed in the newness and discomfort of a saree. Waheeda [Rehman] Aapa gave me a warm smile as I came on stage.”

Read the full note below:

Wishing Waheeda Rehman a very happy birthday.

 Waheeda Rehman turns 83 today      

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