When Janhvi Kapoor was bullied by her mom Sridevi over speaking in Hindi [Watch]


B Town stars kids often get mocked and criticised over their lack of speaking in Hindi language and many take it as a privilege not to be able to speak in Hindi properly. However, after the constant chatter, the star kids have become aware that speaking Hindi is utmost important when one wants to work in the Hindi cinema. But a few years ago, the star kids openly flaunted that they did not know how to speak Hindi. This old video of Janhvi Kapoor is going viral on the internet where her mother and late actress Sridevi is seen bullying her daughter over not speaking in Hindi. This video shows Janhvi sitting along with her mother Sridevi where she is questioned about her desire to work in Bollywood. To which she asks the interviewer if she can speak in Hindi or English.

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Watch the video of Janhvi Kapoor being bullied by late mom Sridevi due to THIS reason

Preferring to speak in Hindi, Janhvi says,” Abhi toh muje nahi pata, mai abi school mai padhai kar rahi hu”. Sridevi interrupts and says, “Don’t tell her to speak in Hindi, I always bully her for speaking in Hindi like this”. Janhvi and Sridevi laugh out loud after this statement by the MOM actress. These were the good old times for the Bawaal actress and today she immensely misses her mom. In her recent interview, Janhvi Kapoor recalled about being mean to her mom during her prep for her debut film Dhadak as she didn’t want the chatter of being privileged due to being Sridevi’s daughter. Janhvi had said,” People were already saying ‘You got your first film because you are Sridevi’s daughter’. I decided I won’t take any help from her. I thought I had an unfair advantage. It will be more unfair if I took her advice. So, I told her ‘Please don’t come on set, I have to work on my own’. She further added,” Sometimes, I feel it was stupid of me. I took all that nonsense a bit too seriously. I regret it… I know she was dying to come on set and help me as a mother. I just didn’t let her. One of the biggest regrets… I wish I had just said ‘Mumma, please come, I have a shoot. I need you’,” But today Janhvi regrets and is ready to do anything to get the old days back.

Watch the video of Janhvi Kapoor


 This old video of Janhvi Kapoor being bullied by her late mom Sridevi over speaking in Hindi shows the bond between the mother and daughter. 

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