“What’s Up With Those Shoes?” — Suzy’s Outfit And Makeup Disappoint Netizens At Press Conference For “Doona!”


Suzy‘s new K-Drama, Doona! will soon be released on Netflix. An adaptation of a famous webtoon, the anticipation for the show is high. On October 18, 2023, she attended a press conference for the show.

She wore an all-black outfit consisting of a long-sleeved top, a skirt, and gladiator sandals.

Suzy’s beauty carried the look for sure. Many felt that her lipstick shade did not match her skin tone well. Suzy is known to be a warm-toned beauty, but the mauve pink washed her out.

The neoprene pleated skirt also did nothing to flatter her figure. The waistline is high but the belt sits low, giving the impression of a longer torso.

The top is the same color as her skirt, making it look like a dress overall, further masking the waistline.

Her shoes go all the way to mid-calf, shortening her legs even more. Anyone else wouldn’t have been able to survive the look, but Suzy’s beauty pulls it off.

Many felt that she looked better without makeup. A close-up shot of the look points out all the things they could’ve avoided to better complement her features. Thick lashes does not suit Suzy’s eyes as she has natural, lower double-eyelids. The pale eyeshadow creates a more hooded look as well.

Netizens are reasonably disappointed with the styling.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo The styling is disappointing. Suzy in her vlog was way prettier. The styling is a mess. They did cool-tone makeup on her. I thought it was an M!Countdown performance for a moment there, LOL. The styling sucks. She doesn’t suit black. She’s prettier withotu makeup. What’s up with her shoes? Suzy is pretty. Suzy is a warm-tone.

As everyone was blown away by her beauty in the teaser, the press conference look pales in comparison.

Suzy in the teaser. | Netflix

Doona! will be launched on October 20, 2023. About a top star who moves into a boarding house, she makes friends with a university student there. A warming relationship blossoms between the two.


 She still looks gorgeous. 

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