What Vikrant Massey Said While Filming 12th Fail’s Emotional Climax: “It’s Also My Story”

Vikrant Massey’s 12th Fail, which earned the actor a Best Actor (Critics) Award at Filmfare this year, has been garnering praise ever since its release in theatres in October last year. Now, the film’s associate director and editor Jaskunwar Singh Kohli has shared a heartfelt note on Instagram, recollecting one of his memorable experiences on the sets. Sharing snippets of Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankr from the film’s climax, Jaskunwar said, “I will never forget this moment — during the shoot of the final result scene, Vikrant Massey had to fall down onto his knees again and again. But no matter how many takes it took, he cried so deeply every time that it was unbelievable. In the middle of takes when he would be standing, ready for the shot, he would keep muttering one line to himself — “Main bhi yahan tak bina oxygen support ke pahuncha hoon, woh bhi nange pair.” This is the line Manoj Kumar Sharma says to the panellists during his interview.”

Jaskunwar continued in his caption, “Later, when the shot was done, Vikrant sat down on the floor, but did not stop crying. He cried, and he cried as Medha gently held him by the shoulders. “It’s also my story,” he told her through his tears. “It’s taken me 19 years to get hereâ€æ and I’ve also reached here without oxygen support Medha, barefoot. It’s my story as well.”

“In this iconic moment from the film, it was not just Manoj Kumar Sharma, but also Vikrant Massey. The two sides of the coin blended into one surreal human experience. Both made it, together, at the same time,” wrote the film’s editor signing off.

The heartfelt post was liked by film’s leads as well. Vikrant wrote, “Jassi my brother…I love you and your compassion,” while Medha wrote, “This moment.. pure magic.”

About the film, NDTV’s Saibal Chatterjee wrote: “A realistic and restrained adaptation of a book of the same name, the film centres on a young man, a struggling Hindi medium student, who makes the journey from a lawless Chambal village to the top echelons of the police force, inevitably hitting many a daunting roadblock on the way…12th Fail is an entertaining, thought-provoking version of the true story of an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. The screenplay yields a completely relatable narrative. It squeezes every ounce of drama from the rough and tumble of the man’s voyage without resorting to any sort of excess.”

In addition to Vikrant Massey, the film also stars Medha Shankar, Anant V Joshi, Anshumaan Pushkar, and Priyanshu Chatterjee.

 “Later, when the shot was done, Vikrant sat down on the floor, but did not stop crying,” recalled Jaskunwar Singh Kohli     

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