What Happened Between J.Y.Park And Actor Lee Byung Hun In Busan 2013?


The “44th Blue Dragon Film Awards,” held November 24 KST, offered great entertainment for the viewers—with their favorite actors being recognized for their works.

Actress Kim Hye Soo (far left) hosting “The 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards” with actor Yoo Yeon Seok (center). | KBS

In addition, viewers got to watch K-Pop artists like NewJeans and J.Y.Park (also known as JYP and Park Jin Young) perform in celebration of the prestigious event.

In fact, JYP’s performance has since gone viral, thanks to the hilarious reactions that it garnered from the audience. And it was after the performance that actor Lee Byung Hun remembered a certain conversation he had with JYP.

Actor Lee Byung Hun accepting his “Best Actor” award. | KBS

During his acceptance speech for the “Best Actor” award for Concrete Utopia, Lee mentioned JYP’s performance and said it took him right back to Busan, a decade ago.

Watching Park Jin Young a while ago, it reminded me of something… We all have moments in our lives that we forever regret. And for me, one of the most regretful moments is from a decade-ish ago, at the Busan International Film Festival.

— Lee Byung Hun

When Lee revealed that, in his drunk state of mind, he challenged JYP to a dance battle, his fellow actors in the audience couldn’t hold their laughters back!

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I got so drunk before meeting up with Park Jin Young. Then I dared him to a battle. A dance battle! And… Well, I still avoid hanging out with the actors who were there with me that night. And somehow, watching Park Jin Young dance right now, I was reminded of that night!

— Lee Byung Hun

Lee spared no other details about what went down during the drunken dance battle. But Lee’s fans found it a perfect time to bring back one of Lee’s most notorious “dance videos,” from his 2007 fan meeting in Japan.

Even KBS‘s official YouTube channel threw together a clip, re-creating the one heck of a dance battle it must have been!

You can watch his full speech here.

 The actor revealed it all at the “44th Blue Dragon Film Awards.” 

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