“We’re The First Group To Renew With 13 Members” — SEVENTEEN Dino’s Real Reason For Renewing His Contract


In a recent interview, SEVENTEEN members proudly shared their close relationship and revealed why they renewed their contracts.

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On October 23, a video featuring SEVENTEEN’s Dino and Mingyu was uploaded to comedian Shin Dong Yup‘s YouTube channel.

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During the interview, Dino showed his loyalty to SEVENTEEN. When Shin Dong Yup asked the members, who recently celebrated their ninth debut anniversary this year, if they think about the future these days, Dino brought up his future with SEVENTEEN.

I think about [the future] a lot these days. We are the first singers to renew our contracts as 13 members, and I contemplate about if we will be together in the future or if we will be separate. I also think about what I want to do.

— Dino

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He then shared the heartwarming reason why he decided to renew his contract with SEVENTEEN.

The reason I renewed my contract with SEVENTEEN is because if I’m not with these members, I don”t think I can enjoy activities as much as I do now. It’s one of the reasons I want to be with SEVENTEEN for a long time. Because of the people, sincerely.

— Dino

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Shin Dong Yup pointed out how there are so many members in SEVENTEEN, and Dino is the youngest of the group, which means he has 12 hyungs, or older members, above him. Mingyu shared that Dino went through a lot as the maknae (youngest member) of the group.

He went through a lot when he was young. Now, I’ve grown up a bit too, so…

— Mingyu


The co-host Jung Ho Chul pointed out that it seemed like all SEVENTEEN members were close and got along well. Mingyu agreed that they were very close both on and off camera. Despite that, Dino shared that they fight a lot. Hearing this, Shin Dong Yup made a bold statement.

If you don’t fight, you can never become close. If you don’t fight, you will disband in the middle.

— Shin Dong Yup

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They all agreed that fighting and letting emotions out is better than suppressing feelings.

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In a 2022 interview with Billboard, members of SEVENTEEN shared that deciding to renew was a difficult decision and that they faced immense stress. However, all 13 members came to the conclusion that they would renew their contracts, and fans couldn’t be happier.

Watch Dino and Mingyu’s full interview here.

 The maknae has spoken. 

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