Was BTS’s V “Scammed” By IU For The “Love Wins All” Video?


BTS‘s V was seemingly “scammed” by IU when it came to their music video, and netizens joke that it’s not the first time that’s happened to him or other members of BTS.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, BTS’s V featured on IU’s song “Love Wins All,” moving netizens to tears with a story of love, heartache, and sacrifice.

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When IU shared behind-the-scenes footage, V joked that he might have been expecting something completely different for filming.

During one clip in the video, V joked that IU didn’t tell him how intense the filming was going to be. IU pointed out that she wasn’t even aware of what to expect and everything the video would entail.

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V even “mimicked” what IU seemingly told him, before adding that the actual video included a lot of running and doing it in the cold.

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V even shared that the director, Um Tae Hwa, had even given V assurances that the music video wouldn’t be that tasking.

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When the video was shared, netizens LOL’d at how V was “scammed” when it came to the music video.

IU scamming taehyung into thinking the shoot is gonna be easy peasy and psy scamming yoongi into believing he will not have to dance for that that like THESE MEN KEEP GETTING SCAMMED (lovingly) https://t.co/S4SoFNvpYW

— s (@yoongienthusias) January 28, 2024

Feels like Kim Taehyung keeps getting scammed about jobs being easy. Not sure if they scales things up upon confirming him or they think he’s extremely capable

Honestly, we’d be the same & want lots of V in our project too since he’s amazing

bichwi pic.twitter.com/CCwlOjyjnQ

— Taehyung Malaysia | slow (@BTSV_Malaysia) January 28, 2024

NOT TAEHYUNG ROASTING IU LMAO pic.twitter.com/astJEz5rJc

— (@liliesrain) January 28, 2024

Even on Korean forums, netizens shared that during Jinny’s Kitchen, V had a similar experience when he was promised free time to go and explore, but then the restaurant took up more time than he expected.

Your browser does not support video.| channel fullmoon/YouTube 

Aside from just V, another member has joked about being “scammed” before, and it’s Suga.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

When the group first debuted, BTS appeared on the show Rookie King Channel BTS. Suga explained that it had been three years since he’d signed with the company because “three years ago, someone here told me a blatant lie!

According to Suga, the CEO had promised Suga would debut in a group where dancing wouldn’t be the focus, and he could concentrate on his rapping and writing… which obviously wasn’t the case.

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More recently, Suga joked that PSY “scammed” the idol when it came to their iconic song “That That.” In a video, PSY then explained that when he first approached Suga for the track, it was because Suga wanted to produce the song for PSY.

However, PSY’s attitude to working with Suga seemed worlds away from what the idol had experienced before. It was this change that meant Suga ended up with a much bigger role than he bargained for when creating the song.

Step by step, he ended up getting [more and more] involved. Our Yoongi… mwahahahahah.


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It shows just how trusting and pure the BTS members are. Despite being “scammed,” the members always put 110% into everything they do.

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 Why does this keep happening! 😂 

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