Wanted actress Ayesha Takia lashes out at trolls after recent airport appearance; says ‘Get over me yaar’


Ayesha Takia has been away from movies for a while. The actress, in fact, wasn’t seen on the silver screen since 2012. She married her husband Farhan Azmi in 2009 and slowly moved away from movies. Ayesha Takia was spotted at the Mumbai airport recently and her look quickly made headlines. The actress was trolled for her looks during her recent airport appearance. Ayesha at first did not respond to the same directly. But now, she has slammed the trolls most savagely. Check out the latest updates from entertainment news only on our WhatsApp channel.

Salman Khan’s co-star Ayesha Takia slams trolls in her latest post

Ayesha Takia at first, revealed the situation. She wrote that she was rushing to Goa for a family emergency. Her sister had been hospitalised and she was flying off to Goa for the same. She was stopped by the paparazzi who asked her to pose for pictures. She obliged them with the same. Ayesha lashed out at people who had no job but to dissect her looks. She revealed being bombarded by ‘ridiculous opinions’ of how people think she should have looked. Ayesha shockingly reveals that she has no intentions of returning to Bollywood in her post. The actress writes, “Literally, get over me yaar. I have zero interest in doing any films or any comeback like people are saying.” She exclaims that she is living her life happily and doesn’t want anything to do with the limelight. She asks people to not care about her and slams people for expecting a teen to look the same after 15 years. She asks them to do something better with their time than picking the good-looking people. In her post slamming the trolls, Ayesha asks them to save their opinions for other people as she is not interested. The actress also says she is sending all the shi*ty energies back to those people. Ayesha also dished out some suggestions on what they can do with their time instead.

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Ayesha is best known for her work in Wanted, Dor, Tarzan: The Wonder Car and more movies. She has starred alongside stars such as Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Shahid Kapoor. Her pairings with Shahid Kapoor worked very well. Fans loved their chemistry. Talking about Ayesha, she is happily enjoying her marital life. Ayesha Takia grabbed headlines recently for her latest airport appearance. The actress has shared a backstory and has reacted to the incessant trolling for her ‘changed looks’. 

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