VIXX’s Leo And Ken Officially Leave Jellyfish Entertainment, Fans React With Excitement


On March 4 KST, Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement regarding the departure of VIXX‘s Leo and Ken from the label. After spending the last 11 years with Jellyfish Entertainment as K-Pop idols, the two VIXX members decided not to renew their contracts with the company and thus their time with the label has come to an end.

Leo and Ken (VIXX)

Leo and Ken were the only two remaining members of VIXX with Jellyfish. Hongbin left the group in 2020 after a controversial live broadcast, while N departed the label that same year but remained a member of VIXX under a new company, 51K. Hyuk followed suit in 2022, also joining a new label while remaining a member of VIXX. Ravi had left Jellyfish back in 2019 to establish his own label, but didn’t leave VIXX until April 2023 after he was found guilty of using an illegal military exemption scheme to try to avoid enlistment.

In Jellyfish Entertainment’s official statement, they shared that they cherished the time spent with Leo and Ken as artists at the label and will “continue to cheer them on” as they pursue their future endeavors. The statement also said that the members have a “strong desire” to continue activities together, which has made fans hopeful that they could have a comeback in the future.

소속 아티스트 레오, 켄과의 전속 계약 종료 안내

— Jellyfish Ent. (@jellyfish_ent) March 4, 2024

Fans have reacted to the news of Leo and Ken’s departure with excitement.


— dini (@chabeannie) March 4, 2024


— Everlasting♡Starlight (@vitaarieka) March 4, 2024


— 주디 ★ (@0524vx) March 4, 2024


— Dee ☆ 우리⁶ (@kongbub09) March 4, 2024

all six members of vixx have finally left jelpi after 11 long years. what a ride it has been.

— anna (@shwlvt) March 4, 2024

VIXX had their last comeback as a three-member unit (including Hyuk) in November 2023 with the album Continuum and title track “Amnesia”. And hopefully now that the members are all more independent, they’ll be able to have more activities together soon, especially with their 12th debut anniversary coming up this May!

 They were the last remaining members with the label. 

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