VIXX Members’ Thoughts On Losing Half The Group Ahead Of Comeback


Changes in group dynamics are not uncommon in K-Pop, but they never fail to leave an indelible mark on both the members and fans alike. VIXX, a group known for their unique concepts and strong performances, recently sat down with Ten Asia to share their candid thoughts on proceeding with a comeback amidst significant lineup changes.

The group, which debuted as a six-member ensemble, has been reduced to a trio for their fifth mini-album CONTINUUM, marking a poignant moment in their career. The absence of leader N is particularly felt, as he announced his inability to join this cycle of promotions. His absence, along with the departure of members Ravi and Hongbin, has undoubtedly reshaped the group’s dynamics.

Despite the challenges, the remaining members, Leo, Ken, and Hyuk, are navigating this new reality with a focus on unity and communication. Hyuk, during the interview, acknowledged the undeniable challenges and disappointments that come with such changes. He stressed the importance of the group’s cohesion in facing these adversities.

There may be many situations that are regrettable and unavoidably challenging, but despite that, I think what’s important is that we are together. If we pay attention to each of those things one by one, we won’t be able to focus. I believe that by communicating with each other, we can overcome and conquer such situations among the members.

— Hyuk

VIXX’s debut days. | Jellyfish Entertainment

This sentiment of solidarity is not just among the members who will be actively promoting the album but also extends to the absent leader. Hyuk revealed that there had been extensive discussions with N prior to the album preparations.

I talked a lot [with N] even before preparing for the album. Ultimately, I think it’s him who has the most disappointment and heartbreak. The empty space we need to fill together is Hakyeon’s performance, and there’s no other empty space to fill.

— Leo

The new album CONTINUUM symbolizes not just a return to the music scene after a hiatus of over four years but also a testament to the group’s resilience. It is a continuum of their journey, albeit with a different formation. The title itself suggests a seamless progression, an uninterrupted movement forward, which the members are keen to embody despite the odds.

For fans, this comeback is bittersweet. While there’s excitement for new music and performances, there’s also a sense of nostalgia for the original six-member lineup. The group’s determination to push through the comeback as a three-member band shows their dedication to their craft and to their fans.

 “Situations that are regrettable and unavoidably challenging…” 

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