Vivek Oberoi reveals THIS Bollywood star helped him deal with depression after boycott in Bollywood


Vivek Oberoi recently shed light on the most difficult phase of his life. The Indian Police Force actor recalls that there was a time in his acting career when he was boycotted by a certain section of Bollywood. The actor stated that although he was doing good work and receiving awards for the same, he was unable to get work, which really made him depressed. At that time, actor Akshay Kumar was the one who not only called Vivek and listened to his problems but also reached his home and offered him significant help.

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Vivek Oberoi recalls Akshay Kumar’s thoughtful gesture

In an interview with Mirchi Plus, Vivek recalled the time when he was not getting any work. He stated that he was doing good films, his films were even successful at the box office, and he received awards too, but he was unable to get good work. He felt that he was certainly boycotted by a section of people from Bollywood, and that was the most difficult phase of his life. The Indian Police Force actor recalled that back then, he got a call from Akshay Kumar who later asked if he was okay. To which Vivek vented out all his frustration and told him that he was unable to bear the current situation. Vivek recalls that within half an hour, Akshay reached his house and offered him significant help. Vivek said that Akshay didn’t say that he would fight against the lobby system, but he definitely gave a very practical and much-needed solution. Akshay said that he could help Vivek with a positive mindset. Vivek then revealed Akshay’s thoughtful gesture towards him. Akshay said to Vivek that he got many offers for stage shows but since he was too preoccupied with work, he had to let go of many shows. He told Vivek that whatever show offers he would get which he is unable to do, he would pass them on to him. Vivek said the stage shows helped him as once he got back on stage, fans started cheering for him, and there was a very positive aura which helped him overcome the difficult phase. Till today, Vivek is eternally grateful to Akshay and has always cherished the thoughtful gesture which the Bade Miyan Chote Miyan actor did for him.

 In a recent interview, Vivek Oberoi reveals the name of the Bollywood star who helped him to deal with depression amidst being boycotted from Bollywood. 

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