Virat Kohli to skip India vs England test matches due to personal reasons; netizens worried if all is well with Anushka Sharma amidst second pregnancy reports


Virat Kohli has been making headlines once again after the reports suggests that the ex-captain of India has withdrawn his name in the remaining three test matches with England due to personal reasons. The reports claim that King Kohli informed the National committee about his decision on Friday before the final selection was to be decided for three test snatches in Rajkot, Ranchi, and Dharamshala. This news has left netizens and fans worried about Anushka Sharma and her second baby as there have been strong reports of the actress expecting a second child.

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The first news of Anushka Sharma being pregnant came out in September and since the actress has made very less public appearances. And Virat too had to rush from his matches to home due to personal reasons. And this is leaving the fans worried and how. Just a few days ago after confirming that Virat expecting his second child, AB de Villiers took back his statement and apologised for sharing false information, in his interview with Dainik Bhaskar, he said,” I made a terrible mistake at the same time, sharing false information, which was not true at all” He further added,” I think whatever’s best for Virat’s family comes first. No one knows what’s happening there, all I can do is wish him well. Whatever the reason for his break, I hope he can comeback stronger, better and fresh from this.” Virat and Anushka are one of the most popular couples in the industry and fans are indeed stressed about them amid the constant ongoing news.

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 Virat Kohli withdrew his name from the current test matches in India Vs England due to some personal reasons; fans wonder if all is well with Anushka Sharma due to her second pregnancy rumours. 

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