Viral Dating Show Contestant Reveals Handsome Fiancé In Wedding Announcement


Popular dating contestant Yoon Hye Soo revealed she’s getting married.

Yoon Hye Soo | @hey_sssooo/Instagram

Recently, Somebody 2 contestant Yoon Hye Soo announced on her Instagram that she was getting married.

In a different Instagram post, the influencer revealed her handsome fiancé and included a sweet message for her groom.

Let’s always be happy, healthy, and live for a long, long time

— Yoon Hye Soo

Yoon Hye Soo shared her engagement photos with her fans, which featured her handsome groom.

@hey_sssooo/Instagram @hey_sssooo/Instagram @hey_sssooo/Instagram @hey_sssooo/Instagram

Meanwhile, Yoon Hye Soo is an influencer who first gained popularity through the dating show Somebody 2. At the time, Yoon Hye Soo’s school background became a viral topic after it was revealed that she had attended Ewha Woman’s University, one of the country’s top schools.


 Fans are shocked! 

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