TXT’s Yeonjun And Taehyun Respond To A Palestinian MOA’s Final Message


Over the years, K-Pop companies have tried out and created platforms to increase the number of ways artists can engage with fans. As of late, the most popular and used platform has become Weverse.

Through Weverse, fans can stay updated on their favorite idols’ activities and even talk directly with them through the feed on the artist’s Weverse.

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Recently, TXT‘s Yeonjun and Taehyun responded to a meaningful message through the platform.

TXT’s Yeonjun (left) and Taehyun (right) | Weverse

In the last month, media coverage of the Israel-Palestine crisis has increased, with more and more becoming aware of the conflict that is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

According to Reuters, several thousands have been killed as bombings and other fighting occur in the region. Latest reports estimate that over 8,300 Palestinians have been killed in the region.

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On October 29, a MOA left a comment on the feed for Taehyun saying it was from an “angel friend from Palestine” named Tia who “really loved” the idol. Inside the post was a message initially written in Arabic, then translated into Korean, that explained how Tia came to be a fan of Taehyun and expressed her love for the idol.

| TXT/Weverse

Everyone! I really hope you’re able to read this message written by our angel friend from Palestine. Tia really loved Taehyun a lot so I’m delivering this message for her.

— Fan

To: Taehyun
From: Tia

Tia is such a wonderful soul, she poured out a literal newspapers when she was being asked about “Give me a reason why you love Taehyun?”

She love him dearly, she thought of him as his role model, as the most closest yet so far away to her.

Please… https://t.co/tQBdbwlmHz pic.twitter.com/iXhLQW79XL

— Kye ✵⁵ (@beargyuxth) October 29, 2023

After the post, Yeonjun first commented that Taehyun needed to see the message.

| TXT/Weverse


Taehyun, you should see this.

— Yeonjun

Following Yeonjun’s comment, Taehyun not only cheered — a way of “liking” a post on Weverse — the original post, but several made by other MOAs sharing Tia’s message.

taehyun is seeing the weverse posts celebrating tia’s life and sharing her letter :’) https://t.co/cHavQbG00Q pic.twitter.com/OVzXS3K77c

— ૮ ˆﻌˆ ა (@yyxyeonjun) October 29, 2023

guys taehyun cheered my post about tia. im shakign so badly right now i cant process rhis… my hands are trmebling as i type this… tia are u seeing this? ur beautiful words have really reached him 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 https://t.co/SFrvFI50Jo pic.twitter.com/u66yhvZMy9

— ady (@pagesoobinluvr) October 29, 2023

Tons of moas have taken to weverse to show taehyun the letter! Click the screenshot it expands. You can see how many moas are attemping to not only show taehyun the letter, but are trying to honor the life of our lovely Tia. I hope her memory will continue to live on this way. https://t.co/hYi1v0dccW pic.twitter.com/fx06tR7wFs

— {shay⁷✢⁵} (@gyubear117) October 29, 2023

May she rest in peace.

 The message was left on the Weverse platform. 

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