TXT’s Yeonjun Admits That His First Big Break Came From An Unexpected Insider Connection


TXT member Yeonjun recently confessed on television that he got his pre-debut big break as a “free rider.”

Yeonjun | @yawnzzn/Instagram

Yeonjun has been an eye-stealer ever since he was introduced as a member of TXT. A mix of his captivating visuals, incredible dancing and singing skills, along with a fun personality turned him into a household name in very little time.

But even before debuting with TXT, Yeonjun had earned himself a spot on TV as an advertising model for the iconic ramen brand Jin Ramen. The CF is considered one of the most iconic pre-debut moments among MOAs (TXT’s fanbase).

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The background story of the CF, however, was not known by the public until very recently when Yeonjun shared it during a variety show. On April 2, KST, TXT appeared on The K-Star Next Door, a popular entertainment program hosted by Jonathan.


During the episode, the host asked Yeonjun how he managed to become a model for Jin Ramen, and the idol candidly responded that it was because his father was the PR manager of Ottogi, the parent company of Jin Ramen.

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He, however, did not get the modeling gig because his father pushed for it. In fact, it was quite a fated event. Yeonjun’s father had his son’s photo set as his profile picture, presumably on his Kakaotalk account. When his team members saw Yeonjun’s photo, they proposed to bring him on board as a CF model.

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When Jonathan jokingly called him a “free rider” for bagging this opportunity, Yeonjun agreed instantly.

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Fans, however, felt that his face card had more to do with this opportunity.

im crying his face got the ottogi employees gagged https://t.co/tWLLzSNXKm

— ྀིྀི (@5poohs) April 2, 2024



— dana⁷ (@neptyuns) April 2, 2024

yeonjun fr been serving face card since day 1 pic.twitter.com/RlBR4JaEld

— esha (@SINGYULARITY) April 2, 2024

And let’s just say we wholeheartedly agree!

 But his face card hard-carried… 

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