TXT’s Soobin Surprises Fans By Going On A Breakfast Date With Bebe Rexha


In a delightful turn of events, TXT‘s Soobin and pop sensation Bebe Rexha got together for a quaint breakfast date in South Korea, warming the hearts of fans worldwide. Their friendship isn’t new, but every time they meet, it’s a sweet reminder of the genuine bond they share, making them the epitome of friendship goals.


MOAs (fandom name of TXT) have always been privy to Soobin’s admiration for the “In the Name of Love” singer. Since his early debut days, Soobin has not shied away from expressing his wish to meet Bebe Rexha. His fangirl moments over the years have been both relatable and endearing to fans.

OMG… OMG…… I can’t believe this…… Thank you so so much for mentioning me!!!!!!!!!!! I’m your biggest fan!!!! https://t.co/8e4Z65ZV73

— TOMORROW X TOGETHER (@TXT_members) May 30, 2019

The universe conspired in 2022, bringing them together during a livestream, much to the excitement of Soobin and his bandmates.

bebe rexha trying to go live with txt while yeonjun and soobin were grinding on each other is the funniest shit that happened this year #BebeRexhaWithTXT pic.twitter.com/P74j0DOJyD

— e⁷ 🦦 (@tetexdx) April 8, 2020

bebe rexha said that she misses soobin on her instagram live “we don’t need to answer this question we all know i love soobin” @TXT_members @BebeRexha pic.twitter.com/JFno5uyzhI

— ✿ (@soobieswift) October 7, 2020

Fast forward to the present, and the friendship has clearly blossomed. Bebe Rexha took to her TikTok to share snippets from her latest meet-up with the TXT lead vocalist. The pop diva was all praises for the breakfast date they had, and honestly, who wouldn’t brag about such a cool hangout? The pictures shared were nothing short of adorable, encapsulating the essence of their charming friendship.

Met up with my bestie in Seoul.

— Bebe Rexha

The internet is now buzzing with love and admiration for both stars. MOAs and Bebe Rexha’s fans are gushing over the wholesome posts shared by the singer. It’s no secret that Soobin is a massive Bebe Rexha fan, and this meet-up undoubtedly means the world to him. The pictures and posts shared by Bebe Rexha are a testament to the humble and down-to-earth nature of these stars, who, despite their busy schedules, took out time to celebrate their friendship.

My breakfast date.

— Bebe Rexha about Soobin

Speculations are now rife about a possible collaboration between TXT and Bebe Rexha. Given their mutual admiration and the organic chemistry they share, a musical collaboration is not far-fetched. It would indeed be a treat for the fans who adore the bond that Soobin and Bebe share.

As the news of this delightful breakfast date spreads, the smiles it has brought to the fans are immeasurable. In a world where genuine friendships are hard to come by, the camaraderie between Soobin and Bebe Rexha is a breath of fresh air, reassuring fans that true friendships do exist, even in the glitzy world of showbiz.

 Soobin’s admiration for the pop diva isn’t anything new. 

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