TXT Stuns In Both Edited And Photoshop-Free Photos At The Dior Menswear Fashion Show


TXT recently pulled up to the Dior Menswear F/W 2024 collection show in Paris on January 19, 2024. The boys looked stunning in formal wear! They shone on the red carpet.

| @dior/X

The boys looked gorgeous even in unedited shots from Getty. Getty is known to be ruthless, often not caring about angles or edits. They post photos without photoshop, showing the idols in their natural form. Despite this, TXT looked wondrous! Fans rejoiced about being able to see the boys’ natural skin texture for once. Check out how gorgeous each member looked compared to fansite shots!

1. Soobin

The charismatic star looked fluffy and cute in airbrushed fansite photos.

In unedited photos, you can see the contours of his face better, making him look more like a cold beauty.

Soobin in @Dior © Getty Images#TXTatPFW2024

— Our_Home_숩 (@homecsb) January 19, 2024

2. Yeonjun

Yeonjun looked straight out of a manga or comic book in fansite taken shots.

He looked positively vampiric in unedited images.

Yeonjun survived Getty Images
stunning pic.twitter.com/Kh9R29qUsV

— yawnzone (@allaboutyeonjun) January 19, 2024

3. Taehyun

Taehyun’s boba eyes and tiny face were obvious even in fansite photos.

He looks almost the same in unedited images!

The getty image is nothing when it comes to TXT face card pic.twitter.com/Qkn7Hr9mEG

— Blue Spring (@txtbluespring_) January 19, 2024

4. Beomgyu

Beomgyu looked beautiful with the magenta coat against the dark background.

At the time of writing, Beomgyu’s solo Getty image was not yet released. Take a look at him in group shots below.

More Getty Images of #TXTatPFW2024

TXT ON PARIS FASHION WEEK #BeautifulTXTinParis @TXT_members https://t.co/50HQszAnov pic.twitter.com/bUvvS3imbj

— ТXТ☆ВOOK (@txt_book) January 19, 2024

5. HueningKai

His hair was even more radiant in the sunlight.

We’ve not seen a more statuesque man! He looked like a Hollywood actor even in unedited photos.

Huening Kai will never lose to Getty images #HUENINGKAI #휴닝카이 ON PARIS FASHION WEEK#TXTatPFW2024TXT pic.twitter.com/Evz6a69URo

— (Mila‍) 휴닝카이 HueningKai Facts (@OscarlucioM) January 19, 2024

Looks like TXT’s beauty surpasses even Getty’s famously unflattering photos!

 Take a look at unedited photos here. 

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