TXT Soobin’s Thoughts About “Chasing That Feeling” Have Completely Changed


TXT recently made their comeback with their third studio album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, on October 13, and as with their past album releases, each member sat down for an exclusive Weverse Magazine interview to share more about their lives and the making of the album.

(From left:) TXT’s Hueningkai, Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and Beomgyu | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

TXT Soobin‘s interview was released first, and in it, he opened up about the group’s bond, his role as leader, his personal friendships, and more.

TXT is in the midst of their The Name Chapter: FREEFALL promotions, and they have fans listening to their catchy title track “Chasing That Feeling” on repeat.

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Soobin stated that, compared to TXT’s last album, he felt more confident promoting the songs on The Name Chapter: FREEFALL.

He revealed he was nervous he wouldn’t be able to pull off the concept of their last album, making the fun choreography and “easy listening” songs on the new album a welcome change.

I was actually worried about the last album because I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to pull off the concept of the album, and that’s why I didn’t feel very confident. But the songs are a little bit more of an ‘easy listening’ songs this time and the choreography’s fun, so I’m more confident this time.

— TXT’s Soobin

TXT’s Soobin | Weverse Magazine

Although he was confident about the new album, he did admit that he initially found TXT’s newest title track to be “basic.

After listening to it a few more times, he realized how easily the song got stuck in his head, and he realized it was an essential song for the album.

At first I thought the single ‘Chasing That Feeling’ was basic, but after listening to it four or five times, I realized how catchy it was and started humming it to myself. It felt like the kind of song you’d never skip over in a playlist and one you can keep listening to over and over.

— TXT’s Soobin

| Weverse Magazine

This isn’t the first time the TXT members have admitted to having mixed feelings about their title track before changing their minds.

Check out more on that in the article below!

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 He was honest about how he felt when he first heard the song. 

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