TXT Reveal The Design For The New Version Of Their Lightstick — Netizens React To The Changes


TXT released the design for their new lightstick, and netizens have reacted.

The members of TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Lighsticks have always been so important in K-Pop, and the designs are meant to represent a group and their fandoms. Amongst some of the prettiest and most unique, TXT has always gained attention for the lightstick, with its bright colors, bold design, and adorable features.

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After a lot of teasing, TXT finally revealed the new design for the second version of the lightstick.

(https://t.co/apUpMEy3VV)#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT

— TXT OFFICIAL (@TXT_bighit) January 29, 2024

At first, the video just seemed to tease MOAs with bright colors and patterns.

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After all the bright colors and designs, the lightstick was finally revealed. It seemed very similar to the original design, but there were some subtle changes in the details.

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When the videos were posted, it seemed like many of the comments were positive, pointing out the change in shape but also the hints that seemed to show new features.

she got more round and boba pic.twitter.com/DkskhNUzeT

— tina (@B3OMLUVS) January 29, 2024

IT CAN OPEN NOW TOO WE CAN PUT STUFF IN IT https://t.co/q1CAtLH3Sn pic.twitter.com/aWNRsOTxs8

— alice (@huegatito) January 29, 2024

I heard you can open the moabong and place items inside, so here is moabong ver. 2 in default mode.. and in blue spring mode! (with blue flowers ) pic.twitter.com/E6GRPP5hhY

— ᥫ᭡ lishie 🪷 .𖥔 ݁ ˖ (@L0VELYBEOMIE) January 29, 2024

The main consensus was that the MOA bong had “Matured.” While some fans saw it as negative, pointing out that some of the brightness had vanished, others saw it as evolving, like the members who debuted as teenagers and are now adults.

they made her lose all of her colorful colors, ah yes puberty and depression pic.twitter.com/NyyOC9x8vZ

— dae 대 (@eloquestlydae) January 29, 2024

i’m kinda relieved they kept her original design, the moabong color and shape is still there. like she’s still your sister just a more matured one but i hv a feeling they removed the retractable feature (this i cant confirm until they release the actual lightstick) pic.twitter.com/syCksX7JY8

— ‍ (@inhalingtxt) January 29, 2024

the evolution is basically like this pic.twitter.com/zLS55WAuPV

— krysten (@TXTUNOFFlClAL) January 29, 2024

puberty hits pic.twitter.com/f6mUuQe1pU

— yunikoo (@bamkkyuuu) January 29, 2024

Although netizens had “mixed” reactions to the lightstick maturing, others felt relieved that the lightstick still had some color. In particular, many of the groups under HYBE have been known to have lightsticks that utilize darker colors…

BTS’s lightsticks ENHYPEN’s lightstick SEVENTEEN’s newest version of their lightstick LE SSERAFIM’s lightstick

So MOAs have shared their “relief” that TXT’s lightstick hadn’t fully received the “HYBE” makeover of dark chrome.

aaah good job hyb3 for not making the moabong black the little differences makes it look sleek and clean! and since it’s now a bubble shape i am hoping we can open it up and put things inside! im still hoping this is retractable and we keep the iconic finding moa feature pic.twitter.com/pFMIIRmqgq

— Nikki (@pandesoobs) January 29, 2024

MOAs after finding out that the moabong version 2 didn’t undergo hybe-ification design: pic.twitter.com/Tlkyh0tzuW

— 팁 | Frozen Tuna (@normanvanillaH) January 29, 2024

we survived the apocalypse https://t.co/g4HbbSzN9a pic.twitter.com/3BMuU0OohQ

— den (@velvetsoob) January 29, 2024

MOABONG DID NOT GO EMO WE CHEER pic.twitter.com/rClqfG4fNA

— krysten (@TXTUNOFFlClAL) January 29, 2024

While fans will have to wait for more details to see if the new lightstick has the same features as the old one, along with if version one can still be used, it seems like the comments are more positive than negative.

 Did it receive the “HYBE makeover?” 

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