TWS’s Hanjin Gains Attention For His Pre-Debut Photos


TWS‘s Hanjin is the group’s only non-Korean member. Hailing from China, he continues SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8′s legacy of being Pledis Entertainment‘s China-line. When he debuted, he gained attention for his flower boy visuals.

Hanjin after debut. | theqoo

At first glance, many thought that he was either Korean, or mixed.

Dohoon and Hanjin. | theqoo

Fans were quick to dig out his pre-debut photos during his time as a student in China. Here’s a formal photo of him.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

You can instantly tell that he’s extraordinarily handsome.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

Even his school uniform could not mar his looks.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

Netizens were amazed by his visuals.

Netizen comments. | theqoo He’s the most handsome. If they raise his parts, I think more people will be buzzing about him. Many also say he speaks Korean often. It’s a pity he’s Chinese though. He’s not the type to be popular in Korea. Anyone can tell he’s Chinese. But why did he look more manly back then…? He looked more like an adult. Why… I like people with double eyelids, and he’s the most handsome. Oh, I think he was more handsome previously. His recent pics look very Chinese. They’re both from when he was young. Hanjin is handsome. He’s handsome.

He’s definitely one of the visual members for sure!


 He was gorgeous even as a student. 

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