TWS Fans Endeared By Shinyu’s New Pre-Debut And School-Age Photos


TWS has been making waves since they first debuted under Pledis Entertainment a couple of weeks ago, with a couple of the members in particular getting recognition for various reasons. Their hit debut song “Plot Twist” has been rising quickly on the music charts, which has only been bringing them more positive attention as well!


Shinyu, the leader of TWS, has quickly become somewhat viral in the K-Pop fandom because of his handsome visuals and overall charm. Fans are endeared by his sweet-seeming personality and soft, pleasant appearance, and is only drawing more people to him every day.

Shinyu (TWS)

Recently, some pictures of Shinyu during his pre-debut and school-age days were shared on an online forum post that show that he’s pretty much always appeared the same — handsome, charming, and sweet!

| The Qoo

Fans are finding these young photos of Shinyu to be incredibly endearing, and proof that it seems like he’s always been the same as he is now.

| The Qoo | The Qoo | The Qoo

Based on how much positive attention Shinyu has received so early into his K-Pop career, many people are already thinking he could be well on his way to being an “it boy” of the current generation!

Some gifs of the TWS leader were also shared on the post to compare to his younger photos, and he really does look every bit the same amount of cute and handsome in both times.

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Here’s how netizens are reacting to Shinyu’s pre-debut images!

We can’t wait to see what Shinyu and the rest of TWS have in store for their fans next!

 “Oooh, he’s been the quiet/soft handsome since he was young.” 

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