Two Gay Men Fought In Club… Over (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon


A post made on a popular South Korean community forum, Pann Nate, was initially shared on February 13, 2024, and is now going viral nearly a month later. It’s garnering attention from both Korean and international netizens after a screenshot was shared via X (formerly Twitter) and went viral with 2.5M views at the time of writing.

The now-viral post alleged that a fight broke out over (G)I-DLE‘s “Super Lady.” The post was titled, “It is said a fight occurred in a gay club in Itaewon because of ‘Super Lady.’” The post alleged that two gay men fought in an Itaewon club because they both wanted to sing Soyeon‘s intro from “Super Lady.” It allegedly got physical, as they even pulled each other’s hair!

아개웃겨서 박제해놔야지

— 아이지킴이 … (@yushinronsekai) March 3, 2024

For reference, this is Soyeon’s iconic intro worth fighting for…

the fact that in the super lady intro soyeon can smoothly jump down & up the octave from a low to high E and then hit a G5 with her chest voice…jeon soyeon the vocalist that you are 🫨

— 면프로디테 (@_jaxtaposition) February 6, 2024

As the story went viral, international netizens couldn’t contain their laughter over the situation’s absurdity. They imagined what went down, and any way you looked at it, it was a hilarious story.

POV: You are in a gay club in Itaewon and Super Lady by (G)I-DLE comes on.

— (@Tashal55) March 4, 2024

Two gay men allegedly fought in a gay club in Itaewon over (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady”:

OP said in a k-forum:
“They were fighting to do SOYEON’s ‘Super Lady’ part. They grabbed each other’s hair and fought”#GIDLE #여자아이들

— (G)I-DLE Charts (@idlecharts) March 4, 2024

Unfortunately, no footage from the alleged incident has been shared.

 The story went viral. 

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