Twinkle Khanna gets THIS gift from Akshay Kumar on every Valentine’s Day? Every wife can relate to it


Twinkle Khanna is truly Mrs Funny Bones. The superstar Akshay Kumar‘s wife is witty and she loves to throw truth bombs and gives a damn about any repercussions after it. Twinkle in her latest column took up the topic suiting up to the February month and that is Valentine’s Day. Let’s put the discussion aside if Valentine’s Day is overrated or not and focus on what Mrs. Funny Bones thinks about the D day and answers the most common question asked on this particular day. And that is what your partner gave you on Valentine’s Day.

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Twinkle in her latest column got hilariously candid on Valentine’s Day,” With all its consumerism, Valentine’s Day perhaps makes the abstraction of love more concrete. Though if you ask women who have been married for over a decade, the most honest answer to ‘What did your husband give you on Valentine’s Day?’ would be, ‘As usual, a headache.’ Love, in fact, may be the ultimate thought experiment. It’s a paradox where accepting each other’s flaws creates an imperfectly perfect connection, with or without wilting red roses and an Archie’s card featuring two cartoon hearts winking at each other.”. It seems like Twinkle is sharing her own experience and this is what Mr Khiladi gives her dearest wifey every Valentine. And we totally relate to it. Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar have been married for more than 23 years now and what keeps their relationship intact is the humour. During the time of their appearance on Koffee With Karan for the first time, Twinkle Khanna made a lot of revelations about her relationship with Akshay Kumar, where she said they started as a fling and she was not serious about the superstar, but Akshay was sure he will get married to her. Watch the video of Akshay Kumar

 Valentine’s Day 2024: Twinkle Khanna gets THIS gift from Akshay Kumar every year? 

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