TWICE’s Sana Makes NMIXX’s Sullyoon So Flustered She Almost Forgot Her Lines


NMIXX‘s Sullyoon never misses a chance to talk about her TWICE bias Sana and how she joined JYP Entertainment because of the famous girl group.

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So an interaction between them turned into a funny on-screen moment during the filming of Show! Music Core.

TWICE’s Sana and NMIXX’s Sullyoon. | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

When the members of TWICE introduced themselves, fans noticed that Sullyoon tried her best to hide how much she was freaking out.

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All of that calm went out the window when her bias Sana looked at her.

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Because Sana was staring at her, Sullyoon adorably stumbled over her words and nearly forgot the rest of her lines.

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Sullyoon was able to finish her lines successfully—but not without amusing Sana with her reaction.

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See Sana make Sullyoon so shy that she couldn’t keep eye contact and nearly forgot her lines.

Sullyoon about to combust by Sana looking at her

— nmixx pics (@nmixxpics_) March 2, 2024

 She’s a true ONCE 😆 

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