TWICE’s Momo Gains Attention For Her Reaction To Jeongyeon’s Conversation With Someone “Random” — There’s An Unexpected Plot Twist


TWICE‘s Momo has made netizens LOL after her unexpected reaction to Jeongyeon‘s interaction with someone at the airport because there was an unexpected plot twist!

TWICE’s Momo | @momo/Instagram

On January 31, TWICE arrived at the airport ahead of an overseas schedule.

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When the members arrived inside the airport, netizens were surprised that Jeongyeon suddenly just started chatting to someone.

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Unsurprisingly, as they walked off, Momo looked very confused at the person Jeongyeon had been speaking with.

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Yet, all of a sudden, after Jeongyeon said something to Momo, the idol quickly turned back and looked surprised as she tried to see the person from before.

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Hilariously, fans revealed that the person Jeongyeon had been speaking with was actually her older sister Soyeon.

When the video was shared, netizens not only loved how much of a coincidence it was for the two siblings to meet at the airport but they were obsessed with Momo’s reaction, changing from confused to surprised in a matter of seconds.

Jeongmo saw Jeongyeon sister at the airport

— Jeongyeon loop (@jy_pieceloop) January 31, 2024

I could hear Momo’s “EH???” from a mile away once Jeongyeon told her that was her sister

— JIHYO DAY (@simpfor9wice) January 31, 2024

Looks like Momo didn’t recognize Jeongyeon’s sister and only knew after Jeong told her lmao

— Lex met Twice (@SuperYooJ_) January 31, 2024

This was such a cute and funny interaction Jeongyeon and Momo coincidentally saw Jeongie’s sister in the airport.

— Chien (@Chienmyoi) January 31, 2024

If that wasn’t funny enough, even before entering the airport, Momo was going viral. After not completing a mission during the tour, Momo had to carry a banner when they arrived.

In a video that was shared of TWICE’s arrival at the airport, Momo was holding the banner, and all of a sudden, she went up to Dahyun and got her to hold it as well.

Your browser does not support video.| @studioparn/Twitter

Hilariously, when Dahyun realized what was happening, she quickly took a step back and didn’t want to get involved with Momo’s “Punishment.”

Your browser does not support video.| @studioparn/Twitter

As always, TWICE never cease to make fans laugh at the airport, and Momo was truly the star.

 Her expression changed instantly! 

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